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Why Aren't the Chinese Fighting "The War on Terror"?

By J.N. Kish - Kish Collections
Have you ever wondered about China- about their intentions and their motives?  Have your ever had a "friend" who was always building something for himself, but would never come around when you needed help? If the Chinese are such great allies of the United States- Why aren't they helping us?  Why aren't they fighting "The War on Terror"?
They have so many men.  Why can't some of them help us in Afghanistan or Iraq?

The answers are written in Sun Tzu's, Art of War

Sun Tzu- "You can fight a war for a long time or you can make your nation strong.  You can't do both .... Thus those skilled in war subdue the enemy's army without battle .... They conquer by strategy."

Sun Tzu was a Chinese philosopher and military commander c.544–496. B.C.

Chinese leaders understand and live by Sun Tzu's lessons.  They have done so for thousands of years.  Many of our U.S. leaders are aware of Sun Tzu's teachings but few seem to take them seriously.

Sun Tzu said- "The art of war is of vital importance to the State. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected."

While American leaders weaken our nation in Afghanistan- the nation of China remains focused on growing strong. 

Many people in the United States do not realize that The Communist Party controls China.  Many more do not understand how communism works. Some believe that we should trust the communists. I wonder- How many of you still believe communism is evil?

Communists do not believe in freedom.  They believe in strength, control and survival of leadership. They are always thinking- strategy.  They are always seeking new and creative ways to dominate and conquer- to win and survive.

Communism believes in command and control.  America believes in freedom.  Communist China is America's largest threat.  The cold war (supposedly) ended when the Berlin wall fell.  However, communists never stopped fighting.  They simply adapted their strategy to fit the new circumstances.  Sun Tzu preaches adaptation, secrecy and distraction.  The Communists have not given up.  In secret, they have launched a new type of war.

Sun Tzu- "Doing the right things at the start of war is like approaching a woman. Your enemy's men must open the door. After that, you should act like a streaking rabbit. The enemy will be unable to catch you."

Look at everything that China is doing in relation to the United States. They have been fighting a strategic war against us for years - and doing very well indeed. Everything that has made America strong is being stripped away- Manufacturing, Technology, Resources, Land, Wealth and Freedom.  All the while, the American people are led to believe that it is all an accident- that it's all our fault- that China is a great partner in the global economy- that China means well- that China should be trusted, implicitly- that it's OK to rely on China for our clothing, food and cheap labor.  After all- it doesn't really matter when China spies on us and steals our technology.   And when they provide weapons and intelligence to our publicized adversaries (i.e. North Korea and Iran), well, that's just business in the new global economy.  Every country deserves to make a buck.  You know- what we really need is a low-cost supplier of small arms.  Why don't we open up the bids to China- the Iraqi government is doing it.

Add it all up.  Read the Art of War.  It is all right there.  Right in front of us.

China has successfully baited our businesses with the lure of gain.  Our leaders have opened the door with free trade agreements, treaties and loans.  One day China will act - like a streaking rabbit.

This isn't a partnership. This is a strategic war.  Unless American leaders wake up to this reality, over time- this strategy will deliver victory to China.  In a global economy, Chinese Communists will rule the world.

Times Square can easily become Tiananmen Square.

Why is it that China doesn't seem to have a problem with Islamic Terrorism?  Major terrorist attacks in China, 1997-2007

Could it be that Terrorism is a tool of the Communists?

If you follow the Art of War- The idea does make sense.  If the Chinese Communists were to secretly support Islamic Extremism in the Western World, it would be consistant with Sun Tzu's teachings-

"Get assistance from the outside.  Influence events.  Then planning can find opportunities and give you control ... Manage to avoid battle until your organization can count on certain victory ...  You can kill the enemy and frustrate him as well ... Take the enemy's strength away from him by stealing away his money ... You can draw their men out of their cities ...  with small attacks.  The entire army becomes confused and distrusting ... You cannot win unless the enemy enables your victory ... Outmaneuver the enemy before the first battle and then fight to win ... Chaos gives birth to control ...  You must control chaos ...  You must force the enemy to move to your advantage ...  The enemy must follow you ... Ghostly! Ghostly! Arrive without a sound.  You must use all your skill to control the enemy's decisions ... Do not try to win by fighting him directly ...  Force the enemy to prepare his defense in many places.  You want the enemy to defend many places.  Then you can choose where to meet the enemy.  His forces will be weak there.  The enemy may have many men.  You can still control him without a fight ... Your war can take any shape ...  Make war without a standard approach ... If you follow an enemy's shifts and changes, you can always find a way to win ... Using deception, you can upset the enemy and change the situation ... You must be creative in your planning ...  You can keep your potential enemy's army busy by giving it work to do ... Do not trust that the enemy isn't coming. Trust your readiness to meet him."

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