Friday, February 26, 2010

Iran and the Elephant in the Room

By J. N. Kish

Right now a popular topic of discussion is how America should act against Iran. Yet, rarely discussed, are the ramifications.  An American act against Iran is an American act against China and Russia. 

China and Russia have built the Iranian nuclear program.

Iran is meeting China's energy needs in return for access to China's large scale and low-cost manufacturing industry, as well as the obligatory support for nuclear co-operation…

The Iranian nuclear plant at Bushehr was built by the Russian company Atomstroiexport (Russia's sole exporter of nuclear technology), a company which recently sold a controlling stake to Gazprombank, a subsidiary of the giant state owned gas company, Gazprom. The chairman of Gazprom also happens to be Putin's chief of staff, Dmitry Medvedev.

It is time to cut out the middleman (Iran) and deal with the source of the problem- China and Russia.  Without the help of China and Russia, today, Iran would not have become a ‘Nuclear State’.  China and Russia built this problem, and they have the power to shut it down.  But they won’t.  Iran is locked in with the communist axis.

Due to geography, Iran has traded with Russia and China since the dawn of time.  Today, Iran is an observer of the the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), and has applied for full membership. Asking Russia and China to cut off trade with Iran is like asking America to cut off trade with Canada or Mexico.  It will not happen easily.

Similarly, an American military strike against Iran would be likened to a Russian or Chinese military strike against Canada or Mexico.

The stakes are high-
Beijing has a multibillion-dollar energy relationship with Tehran.
Russia supplies major military arms such as surface to air missiles to Iran.
Iran claims that any action by Israel will be met with 'full force'.

Beware entangling alliances.

According to Dr. Nader Habibi of Brandeis University:

Aside from China's inexpensive products, Iran is also buying more from China for strategic reasons. China is a member of the U.N Security Council and has repeatedly resisted the United States' calls for diplomatic and economic isolation of Iran. 

When it comes to America’s dealings with Iran, the American Thinker article entitled ‘Time for America to Act on Iran’ is spot on in one area-

It's time for us to take a more aggressive stance. The American flag stands for more than two centuries of struggle, sacrifice, and bravery by courageous citizens in defense of freedom, democracy, and justice. It represents the very principles that make our enemies despise us. Whenever we have stepped back from those principles in the spirit of appeasement or for purely political reasons, we have guided our country and the world into a troubled future.

It’s a fantasy to think that western products and the Internet are enough to cause the people of Iran, Russia and China to rise up and overthrow their governments.  America is going to have to deal with these threats directly.  We should either face them now or surrender.  By not facing them now, we accept the growing Communist / Muslim world government, and we accept a fully Nuclear Iran.

Unfortunately, is doubtful that anyone in a position of power will follow this call.  It is more likely that the west will strike Iran or do nothing.  If the strike comes or doesn’t come, at least call it what it is- a strike against the communist axis.  This is precisely the reason that we have arrived at our position today.

The world seemed safer in the midst of the cold war.

J. N. Kish – Industrial Engineer, Part-Time Author, Full-Time Thinker.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Unconsidered Enemy

By J. N. Kish

Why is the United States fighting in Afghanistan?  This simple question is difficult to answer with certainty.  Without the benefit of top-secret clearance and connections, revealing the true answer is akin to solving a jigsaw puzzle while gloved and blindfolded.  And that is the easy part.  If one then happens upon the solution, proof of success is even more difficult- if not impossible.  Nonetheless, this is the type of question that thinking men are compelled to solve.

In a real attempt to arrive at the truth, the breadcrumbs of logic have led me to ponder- What if our enemies want us in Afghanistan?  What if we are actually playing into their hand?

Follow me through the logic.  The three most common answers to the question “Why are we in Afghanistan?” are as follows-
  1. We are in Afghanistan for control of the oil (pipelines).  The article linked here explains this conclusion very well.  Given the lay of the land and the location of the oil, this conclusion carries a lot of weight all on its own.
  2. We are in Afghanistan to feed the Military Industrial Complex (MIC).  General Eisenhower warned us about the MIC all the way back in 1961.  The text of General Eisenhower’s famous MIC speech is linked here.
  3. We are in Afghanistan because the world is simply chaotic and our leaders are doing their best to control the rise of Islamic extremism.  This is the “well-meaning” conclusion.  It assumes that our leaders have moved troops into Afghanistan to gain a foothold in the heart of the extremist threat. 
These answers share a repeated flaw of premise.  In order to arrive at any of these conclusions, it is necessary to make an assumption about the strength of the United States.  This assumption is typically made quickly and quietly as if driven by a subconscious thought- “We’re number one.” The blind assumption is that of the United States as the world’s sole superpower- capable of and responsible for directing the world’s fate.  The United States has filled this role.  However, this assumption can no longer be accepted as truth without reproach.  As more and more U.S. businesses freely hand over product designs, manufacturing equipment and trade secrets, our industrial and technological superiority is stripped away.  Take a moment to digress from the act of counting nuclear warheads as the primary measure of national strength.  Watch as a different view arises. 

Recall that the United States became the most powerful country in the world and was victorious in World War II primarily through six key factors-
  1. Industrial strength
  2. Technological strength (cutting edge scientific research and development)
  3. Availability of necessary resources
  4. Military organization
  5. Effective use of espionage
  6. Effective development and deployment of nuclear weaponry  
Weigh these six factors today. Watch as an alarming trend is uncovered. Communist nations are moving into the lead.  Every day they gain strength.  In fact, by measure of the six key factors, it is likely that China and Russia as a combined communist axis would now be considered the most powerful nation on the globe.

If communism faked its own death in 1991, as claimed by ex-KGB Major Anatoliy Golitsyn, the U.S. is facing a greater challenge than most are willing to acknowledge.  The apparent ruse has allowed the west to lower its guard.  It opened the door for the communists to access American corporate might.  It has worked very well.

Sun Tzu- “I will force the enemy to take our strength for weakness, and our weakness for strength, and thus will turn his strength into weakness"

Today, China is rapidly accelerating to lead the world in industry and technology.  When was the last time you tried to purchase anything that wasn’t manufactured in China?  If communist nations are working at a concerted effort against the west, we have a real problem on our hands.  And why would anyone think otherwise?

Christopher Gill speaks of The Perestroika Deception- “It stretches credulity to its absolute bounds to think that suddenly, overnight, all those who were Communists will suddenly adopt a new philosophy and belief, with the result that everything will be different.”

It must be remembered that the Western Allies were faced with a choice at the conclusion of World War II.  After Germany, Italy and Japan were defeated, Russia stood devastated from the German onslaught. The forces of freedom (the good guys) had won.  The Western Allies had all 6 key factors greatly in their favor.  At that time, possibly the most important decision in the history of mankind was to be made- to crush communism or to allow it to live and prosper in a host nation. 

General Patton said of the situation- “Russia knows what it wants. World domination. And she is laying her plans accordingly. We, on the other hand, and England, and France to a lesser extent, don't know what we want and get less than nothing as the result. “

History is history, the west failed to lead and the future has ensued.  As a result, world control remains divided between the Western Allies and the Communists.  Free nations will forever pay the consequences.

Fast forward 65 years to the question at hand- Why are we in Afghanistan?

Review this short list of variables regarding the U.S. decision to go into and stay engaged in the Afghanistan War- first focus on the left hand column.
(A) - Muslim Extremists (U.S. need to contain) (A) - Muslim Extremists in Afghanistan
(B) – 6 Key Factors – U.S. Superiority (B) - MIC (Iraq / Afghanistan)
(C) - American Political Support (in favor of war) (C) - Afghan Political Support
(D) - American Military Support (in favor of war) (D) - Afghan Military Support
(E) - American Economic Strength (E) - Afghan Economic Strength
(F) - American Homeland Secure (F) - Afghan Homeland Secure
(G) - American Public Support (in favor of war) (G) - Afghan Public Support
(H) – Recency of Attacks in America (i.e. 911) (H) - Recency of Attacks in Afghanistan

If you take away (or greatly reduce) any of the variables in the left column, America would not have gone to Afghanistan in the first place.  In a similar sense- taking away (or greatly reducing) any of the left column variables affect the decision to stay.  Although, now that America has assumed ownership of Afghanistan, the complexity of the equation has at least doubled- enter the right column.

But what of the objective- Why are we in Afghanistan? What did we go there to do?  What are we trying to achieve?   How do we define victory?  Why are our troops fighting and dying?

The listed variables do not point directly to answers.  This is especially the case when you look at the way we are conducting the war- a limited war.  Now, take notice that each of the listed variables is formed from the perspective of America as the world leader.  Do you see the flaw?  The fact that we are conducting the war in a limited fashion is evidence that the United States is not acting as the world’s sole superpower. Unknown variables lurk.

In this case, it seems the key unknown variable is the unconsidered enemy – the communists.  Watch as an amazing thing happens. When you factor in communist influence from the perspective of China, world events begin to make logical sense.

Key Points of Premise-
  • Communists are the primary enemy of the United States and the Western Civilization at large.
  • Communism and freedom (as defined by the founding documents) cannot coexist.
  • Communism is a greater threat to the United States than Islamic Extremism- explanation below.
  • The most powerful Communist leaders are currently based in China.  Note:  There is always a debate as to who is calling the shots (China or Russia).  I believe that it is China.  But, please, let us set this argument aside...  It's like arguing over the species of the bear, which gnaws, on your leg.  Communists work with communists- they share the common goal.
  • Communist leaders actively seek to dominate the world.
  • In order to dominate the world, they must strengthen themselves while weakening their enemies.
  • Chinese communist leaders are especially influenced by the teachings of Sun Tzu- to the point of worship.
  • Communist leaders are following the philosophies of Sun Tzu and Mao Zedong to achieve their ends.  Smartly, they play for keeps. 
  • One of these philosophies is to take advantage of or influence events (i.e. Muslim Extremism) in order to advance interests (weaken the West) without moving their own troops.  That is to lure their enemy’s military into distant conflicts in order to distract it and weaken it. 

We are in Afghanistan partly because our real enemy, The Sun Tzu Communist (The Tzucom), has led us into Afghanistan.

Given the current state of the world, it is a mistake to assume the leaders of the United States are doing exactly what it is the leaders of the United States want to do.  To make this assumption is to give our leaders too much credit and too great a scope.  It is not impossible for Enemy leaders to influence events and directly or indirectly influence the decisions of our leaders- control by proxy- war by proxy.

On the surface, these appear to be wild notions and are difficult to accept.  This is not by accident.  From the outside, this most clever enemy, that I am attempting to describe, would not have a clear leader, a clear formation or a clear objective.  To tip their hand would be foolish.  Foolishness is not a trait of the Tzucom.

Sun Tzu says- “O divine art of subtlety and secrecy! Through you we learn to be invisible, through you inaudible; and hence we can hold the enemy’s fate in our hands.”

If this group were to exist- the enemy would be unaware.  If the United States were the enemy- the United States would be unaware.  If the aim of this group were world dominance- the world would be unaware. To combat deception, one must stick to logic.  Ask yourself- why aren’t the Chinese fighting the ‘War on Terror’?

Think what would happen if a clever enemy were to influence events.  Think, then compare.  Compare against events recorded in history since 1945.

Sun Tzu says- “lure them out - spread them thin.”

How would an enemy accomplish such a thing?  How could an enemy lure the United States military?  How could an enemy influence world events? – Through business, through banks, through media, through politics…  Many are the ways.

Sun Tzu says- “Lure them with gain.”

Take a look at the military industrial complex.  Most of the factories in the MIC are run as individual business units- much like any other business.  Except, to have a good year in the MIC, there needs to be the threat of war – somewhere.  And to have a great year in the MIC, projectiles need to fly – somewhere.  It wouldn’t be difficult for a crafty enemy to lure the MIC with gain.  After all – it is all about money.  Money can be used in the short term to secure victory over the long term.  Tzucoms are thinking long term.

After an influence over business is secure, then business can be counted on to influence politicians, who in turn, can be counted on to influence governmental policy.  It’s a multi-step process of influence, with each step fueled by the lure of gain.  A wealthy, resourceful and determined enemy can influence most any organization it chooses. Bankers, politicians and extremists- easily obtained tools of influence.

So, just what do I mean by securing influence?  In simple terms – knowing how your enemy will react to situations and then securing the ability to influence those situations - directing your enemy down the path most favorable to your interests.  Sun Tzu refers to this as “directing your enemy’s fate”.

Ask yourself- how hard would it be to fan the flames of extremism to meet your needs? How hard would it be to lure your enemy into debilitating limited wars- always fought on your terms?  If you know your enemy and know yourself, it’s not that hard at all.  The Tzucom knows America, inside and out.  Because, by nature, their plans are long-term, time is on their side.  They have the patience to study, to infiltrate, and to wear us down. To distract us, while focusing their energy on building their interests- constantly strengthening their six key factors.  This scheme is rather simple for a clever enemy.  I imagine that it would be much easier to follow a scheme such as this, then to develop and deploy a strategic missile array or to decipher JN-25.  Why then does it seem far-fetched?

The logic of external influence can be applied to explain how each of our limited wars has begun since 1945.  Limited wars like Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq.  Look at history- the communists were successful against America in both Korea and Vietnam.  From the communist perspective, Korea was a tie and Vietnam was a win.  The USSR was defeated in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan.  Chinese leaders are knowledgeable and respectful of history.  China shares a border with Afghanistan, Korea and Vietnam.  If the goal were to weaken the United States- Sun Tzu would say “Lure them into Afghanistan”.

The important distinction to make is that the communists are not fighting a limited war.  They are fighting for keeps- as Sun Tzu teaches.  To think of Afghanistan as a war in isolation is to think on too small of a scale.  Afghanistan is only a portion of the puzzle.  It is but one of many operations of the larger war- the total war between the communists and the free nations.

The three components to any action are motive, method, and means.  The Communists have the motive, The Art of War outlines their method and the means have been in action for a long time.  Free nations are losing this war because they don't know or don't believe or don't want to believe or are being fooled or don't understand who their real enemy is.

Ask yourself- Could Islamic extremists unknowingly act as soldiers of fortune for the communist movement?  Yes.  Could they be influenced and used as tools of the Tzucom? Yes. Why?

Ultimately, radical Islam is not a primary threat to communism.  Freedom is the primary threat to communism.  Once freedom is defeated, the communists can simply purge Islam as they would any other religion.  The Tzucom has a precedent- Mao in China and Pol Pot in Cambodia.  Mosques are easily destroyed after they have fulfilled their purpose. People can be made to worship the State - like they do in China and North Korea, like they did in Germany, and Japan.  Anyone found to practice religion could easily be identified and eliminated.

As the Khmer Rouge exterminated Buddhists in Cambodia, they proclaimed- "What is rotten must be removed."

This is the definition of total war – anything it takes to win.  For the Tzucom, Muslim extremism is a tool.  After all, what cheaper way to create a smart bomb than to sell explosives to a fanatical extremist hell bent on blowing up your enemy?

You see, the real threat to the Tzucom is freedom- America.  In order for communism to spread globally, freedom must be defeated.  This is the top priority for the Tzucom.  After that, everything is easy.  You’ve heard it before- it was correct then, and it is correct now- like dominos all will fall.

Therefore, it makes sense for communists to support terrorism.  The terrorists will do the dirty work today and are easily purged tomorrow.  Today, with the open economy, the dominoes can fall irrespective to national borders.

Near the end of World War II, Patton said- "If we have to fight them, now is the time. From now on, we will get weaker and they will get stronger."  At the time, our leadership either didn’t want the responsibility- or possibly, even then, were influenced out of the correct course.

Today, the challenge remains with us.  Look deeply into Sun Tzu’s writings from the Chinese perspective of world dominance.  Compare each of his entries to world events since 1945.  The proof is there.  Communist leaders are following Sun Tzu’s philosophies to the letter.  These philosophies have worked in the past, they are working today, and they will work in the future.  The Tzucoms are well on track to the realization of their wildest dreams.

So, why is the United States fighting in Afghanistan?

We are fighting in Afghanistan because it is the path most beneficial to our enemy.

For burden of proof, we need look no further than Iran.  The communists are known to be the primary suppliers of military arms and training to Iran.  The U.S. military is currently building up forces against Iran.  U.S. hawks are beating the drum to attack.  Today’s scenario is history repeated.

Do the Tzucoms want Iran to have a nuclear arsenal? – No.  Are the Tzucoms happy to sell Iran items to build a nuclear arsenal? – Yes.  Will they be the first to know when Iran is on the brink of creating a successful warhead actually capable of threatening their interests? – Absolutely.  When the critical point is reached and military action is necessary, will China or Russia send their troops into Iran?  No. - They will send ours.

Then we will ask- “Why is the United States fighting in Iran?”

J. N. Kish – Industrial Engineer, Part-Time Author, Full-Time Thinker.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Viet Nam, Holder, Obama, and the Christmas Day Terrorist - By Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr.

Mr. Johnson writes-
...In April of 1968, I was a young infantry captain operating near the coast of Quang Nam Province in South Viet Nam. We captured prisoners who meant us grievous harm. Go back there with me for a few minutes, see how we handled that kind of situation, and then we'll return to today and examine Eric Holder's actions with that context in mind...
Read the entire article at American Thinker.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Motivation to Achieve – by J.N. Kish

I'm cursed with a trait
In that few can relate
I don't enjoy a ride on the coaster

Real challenge hardly sought
Souls so easily bought
Relationships seldom are bolstered

Fulfillment is found
Not by zipping around
Nor by playing the role of the boaster

True tendency toward things in which only a few
Only a few including I are able to do