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Beware the TzuCom

By J.N. Kish - Kish Collections
The finest cloak is that which disrupts the rational mind to disbelieve its own senses and forget its own past.

When you hear the word Communism, what is your first thought?  For many, it's Russia, it's the Berlin Wall or something else related to the fall of the Soviet Union.  Communist Russia- our hapless and defeated enemy of the cold war. 

This first thought raises the impression in the mind that communism is ancient history, no longer a threat, nothing to be worried about, and- you know,  it wasn't really a big deal in the first place. 

All of these impressions are dead wrong.

When you hear the word Communism- your first thought should be China, your second thought Sun Tzu and your third thought Mao Zedong.  You should be concerned with the ongoing war between freedom and communism.  A war which has raged since the end of the second world war.  It is a quiet war, an unspoken war, a cloaked war.  It is exactly why you pay no attention.  It is a war that is being fought by one side - the communists (China).  It is fought behind the backs of some and right in the face of others.

Note:  There is some debate as to who is calling the shots (China or Russia).  I believe that it is China.  But, please, let's set this argument aside...  It's like arguing over the species of the bear which gnaws on your leg.
The enemy is the Sun Tzu Communist- The communist leader who worships the teachings of Sun Tzu. 
Sun Tzu was a master of the cloak.  He is well known as the author of the Art of War, in which he wrote:
The victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won, whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory. - Sun Tzu
Look around- communism is quietly winning victory all over the world.  Even in our own United States.  China is swiftly becoming the most powerful nation in the world.  When China succeeds, communism succeeds by proxy.  There is an ongoing war between freedom and communism.  Victory is being decided - right now - exactly as Sun Tzu teaches.

Many have heard the term Chicom or Chi-Com - It is an abbreviation for "Chinese Communist". 

TzuCom or Tzu-Com is an abbreviation that I have coined for the Sun Tzu Communist.

The most dangerous form of the TzuCom is the wealthy global Chicom strategist who directs his resources by the word of Sun Tzu- always striving to spread communism by all means necessary.  Total war- by the book- word for word.  This form of the TzuCom could very well be the most crafty and dangerous creature ever to inhabit the Earth.  A creature that is one with the Art of War- able to carry out every tenent, no matter the human cost, with the precision of instinct.  Mao Zedong was this type of person- and the most notable TzuCom to date.

Tracking the TzuCom- In order to discover an elusive animal, one has to observe its signs.

The Art of War by Sun Tzu AND The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx.  Apparently, I am not the first to link these two together- Unbelievably, this title was published by Classic Books America in 2009 and is available through for $9.95.  This book might as well be the TzuCom field manual.  Follow THIS LINK to learn more about the book, the TzuCom and the real communist threat.

How far back do the TzuComs go?  Sun Tzu lived approximately 2500 years ago.  I suspect that TzuComs can be traced all the way back to the early stages of communism. It is becoming clear that the TzuComs have been using Sun Tzu's playbook to spread and strengthen communism for a really long time.

Signs of the TzuCom in Vietnam- Dr. William Duiker- "Certainly many of the key leaders in Hanoi were aware of Sun Tzu and made use of his ideas." Follow THIS LINK to view the full interview at

As my research continues, I expect to find evidence that the TzuComs have influenced events in order to weaken the United States.  There is clearly motive (written in the Art of War) for the TzuCom to draw the United States into distant conflicts.  Limited wars- such as Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Sun Tzu- "Do not try to win by fighting him directly. Instead, attack a place that he must recapture... Don’t give the enemy anything to win. Divert him from coming to where you defend... The nation impoverishes itself shipping to troops that are far away... Military forces consume a nation’s wealth entirely. War leaves households in the former heart of the nation with nothing."

I am beginning to believe that the United States military is in Afghanistan because the TzuComs want the United States military in Afghanistan. After all, this is how they succeeded against the United States in Korea and in Vietnam.

Sun Tzu- "Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate."

Think about it- In nearly all of the superpower conflicts since Patton in 1945 (and possibly before) the TzuComs have been the ones with the Motive, Opportunity, Means, Method and Strategy.

First ask yourself- Why Aren't the Chinese Fighting "The War on Terror"?

Then read these quotes from Sun Tzu- Wikiquote.

Additional research will be added in the coming days.  Contact me if you would like to assist in the investigation.

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