Thursday, December 24, 2009

American Thinker: We're Staying, We're Praying; Get Used to It

"There are three kinds of faith: faith in God, faith in oneself, and faith in life. Think of these as building blocks.
When the United States was founded, the big block on the bottom of the pile was faith in God.

However, something happened through the course of American history: The blocks got restacked, and faith in self, or egocentrism, settled into the first position. Faith in self is very important, but it makes a poor foundation because it is not a perception of perfection. And the ego is shifty, so the other blocks tend to become unstable or fall off. As egocentrism became foundational, the spiritual and moral belief systems of our society turned upside-down. Day became night, dark became light, and the unthinkable became commonplace...

...the First Amendment purified Christianity, opening the way for ordinary people to experience the attainment of the saints of the past: 'Christ is who I am.' That self-identification cannot be coerced. It is, however, subversive to the new power elites, and it kindles persecution. As the new subversives, "God-Firsters" should use social science to protect their children and themselves, demand First Amendment rights, and tell the world, 'We're staying, we're praying; get used to it!'"

Read the entire article by By Deborah C. Tyler here:
American Thinker: We're Staying, We're Praying; Get Used to It
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