Friday, February 26, 2010

Iran and the Elephant in the Room

By J. N. Kish

Right now a popular topic of discussion is how America should act against Iran. Yet, rarely discussed, are the ramifications.  An American act against Iran is an American act against China and Russia. 

China and Russia have built the Iranian nuclear program.

Iran is meeting China's energy needs in return for access to China's large scale and low-cost manufacturing industry, as well as the obligatory support for nuclear co-operation…

The Iranian nuclear plant at Bushehr was built by the Russian company Atomstroiexport (Russia's sole exporter of nuclear technology), a company which recently sold a controlling stake to Gazprombank, a subsidiary of the giant state owned gas company, Gazprom. The chairman of Gazprom also happens to be Putin's chief of staff, Dmitry Medvedev.

It is time to cut out the middleman (Iran) and deal with the source of the problem- China and Russia.  Without the help of China and Russia, today, Iran would not have become a ‘Nuclear State’.  China and Russia built this problem, and they have the power to shut it down.  But they won’t.  Iran is locked in with the communist axis.

Due to geography, Iran has traded with Russia and China since the dawn of time.  Today, Iran is an observer of the the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), and has applied for full membership. Asking Russia and China to cut off trade with Iran is like asking America to cut off trade with Canada or Mexico.  It will not happen easily.

Similarly, an American military strike against Iran would be likened to a Russian or Chinese military strike against Canada or Mexico.

The stakes are high-
Beijing has a multibillion-dollar energy relationship with Tehran.
Russia supplies major military arms such as surface to air missiles to Iran.
Iran claims that any action by Israel will be met with 'full force'.

Beware entangling alliances.

According to Dr. Nader Habibi of Brandeis University:

Aside from China's inexpensive products, Iran is also buying more from China for strategic reasons. China is a member of the U.N Security Council and has repeatedly resisted the United States' calls for diplomatic and economic isolation of Iran. 

When it comes to America’s dealings with Iran, the American Thinker article entitled ‘Time for America to Act on Iran’ is spot on in one area-

It's time for us to take a more aggressive stance. The American flag stands for more than two centuries of struggle, sacrifice, and bravery by courageous citizens in defense of freedom, democracy, and justice. It represents the very principles that make our enemies despise us. Whenever we have stepped back from those principles in the spirit of appeasement or for purely political reasons, we have guided our country and the world into a troubled future.

It’s a fantasy to think that western products and the Internet are enough to cause the people of Iran, Russia and China to rise up and overthrow their governments.  America is going to have to deal with these threats directly.  We should either face them now or surrender.  By not facing them now, we accept the growing Communist / Muslim world government, and we accept a fully Nuclear Iran.

Unfortunately, is doubtful that anyone in a position of power will follow this call.  It is more likely that the west will strike Iran or do nothing.  If the strike comes or doesn’t come, at least call it what it is- a strike against the communist axis.  This is precisely the reason that we have arrived at our position today.

The world seemed safer in the midst of the cold war.

J. N. Kish – Industrial Engineer, Part-Time Author, Full-Time Thinker.

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