Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cerberus Capital Management

I was just reading an article about Chrysler and the bailout and decided to look up the history of the name Cerberus. Cerberus Capital Management owns Chrysler.

Per Wikipedia: Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. is one of the largest private equity investment firms in the United States. The firm is based in New York City, and run by 48-year-old financier Steve Feinberg. Former U.S. Vice President Dan Quayle has been a prominent Cerberus spokesperson and runs one of its international units.

Per Wikipedia: Founded in 1992, Cerberus is named for the mythological three-headed dog that guarded the gates of Hades. While many of its peers have bought out companies in order to strip assets and sell on for a profit, Cerberus builds its reputation on identifying firms that are undervalued, and assisting in rejuvenating them by working with current management. Feinberg has stated to his employees that while the Cerberus name seemed like a good idea at the time, he later regretted naming the company after the mythological dog.

Per J.N. Kish: The negative religious tie-in's related to this name are interesting to me. It is pretty obvious to see why Feinberg regrets naming the company after Satan's dog.

Think about it: A huge company with a satanic-related name rises from obscurity, gobbeling up previously-great world wide companies when they are weak and near-bankrupt. Forcing them to "sell their souls" to the holding company. Pulling them into the huge private company known for it's secrecy (see wikipedia article). This shadowy company quickly becomes one of the largest employers in the world, thus controlling the livleyhood of hundreds of thousands of employees from Shanghai to Detroit. Eventually, the products that this company provides, if not already, could touch every person in the world (see the list of companies that they own). This stuff would make a great plot for a Religious Conspiracy Novel or Movie. When thought about this way, the real-life company becomes strangely similar to the unstoppable law firm Al Pacino runs in the Movie: The Devil's_Advocate
In this movie, Al Pacino plays the character of the Devil

Here is a story about how they came up with the name "Cerberus."

Here's a wikipedia article on the name Cerberus:

According to Businessweek, Cerberus is bigger than Cisco, Coke, Or McDonald's. Here is the article:

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