Friday, February 27, 2009

Reflection on the Election

The election was a battle between those who have something and those who want something. Obama won because more people want something than have something. Obama's group was able (with the aid of several of the systems pointed out below) to convince those who want something, that he (through government) would provide them with something that they wanted if he were elected. It worked. And to keep the promise, Obama's group will provide them with more and more Socialist policies. Many will gain something over the next 4 years, at the quiet cost of their freedoms. Remember the old adage: You don't get something for nothing.

I wrote about this in my blog shortly before the election:

Look at this county by county results map:

Obama received large majorities of his support in the population centers. Most people on food stamps in Cook County just don't think like a pig farmer with 100 acres in Pope County. The problem with our Country as it stands right now is that there are more people buying ham with food stamps... And they think that Obama just bought them their lunch.

This article at American Thinker was the catalyst for the comments above:

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