Friday, June 5, 2009

iPod 5Rs Troubleshooting Assistant

All of a sudden today my iPod 5th Generation 30gb Video stopped connecting to my PC.

iTunes wouldn't recognize it as a device and my computer wouldn't recognize it as a drive. No messages were displayed. It was like I hadn't even connected it to the computer, although the iPod backlight would come on when I disconnected it from the PC.
The device wouldn't even charge through the USB cable.

First I tried restarting the computer. No luck.
Then I tried a different USB cable. No luck.
Then I tried a different USB port (located on my monitor). No luck.
Then I uninstalled iTunes, ran Ccleaner and installed the newest version of iTunes. No luck.

Finally, I stumbled across the following link on Google:

Apple's 5 R's: Reset, Retry, Restart, Reinstall, Restore

The second R fixed my issue. After resetting my Ipod, I retried connecting using a different USB port (on my PC - not on my monitor). The iPod magically connected and synced to iTunes and is now charging as I am typing. At last, all is well again.

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