Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Adventure - Ubuntu Linux and Open Source Software

8/29/2009:  I have decided to install Ubuntu Linux 9.04 onto my old Dell Inspiron 5000e laptop.  I am creating this blog entry as the ubuntu .iso file is downloading.

Ubuntu recommended InfraRecorder (a free CD/DVD burning application for windows) to write the .iso file onto a CD. I have downloaded it and will install after posting this blog entry.  InfraRecorder directed me to Uberdownloads for the software download.  This site has a lot of "free" applications available for download.  The files are listed as "Free Open Source". They only up front cost is time, an internet connection and hard drive space.  Although I have to say, as a natural skeptic, that "open source" and "free" are a bit scary to me.  I'm going on faith that this install will not bring with it a horrible Trojan that compromises my entire network and all of my data.  I guess that worries are also "free".


I'll keep updating this post as the install continues in my spare time.

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