Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today's Craftsman

Seth Godin writes of - The New Craftsmanship
There's always been a bright line around the craftsperson, someone who takes real care and produces work for the ages. Everyone else might be a hack, or a factory guy or a suit or a drone, but a craftsperson was someone we could respect. 
A craftsman might be a blacksmith or a carpenter, a visual artist or even a dedicated teacher. Someone to look up to. 
Perhaps we're entering a new age of craftsmanship, one where we can see craft in the way a new business is devised, a sale is made or a website is coded. A craftsperson might be particularly talented and connected in the way she deals with clients, or be able to meet deadlines with alacrity. 
Just because it's not in a crafts fair doesn't mean it didn't demand craft.
There is a lot of truth in Seth's writings.  Through industry, I have been fortunate enough to be amazed by my fair share of craftsmen.  Craftsmen, as they exist in industry, are those special people who are allowed to utilize their God-given talents. They are the "go-to guys".  They are the type of people who repair pocket watches or circuit boards in their spare time.  They are the "tinkerers" who exist among us. They are the people to do the job when it must be done right.  They are "today's craftsman".  I thank God for every one of them and I will never take any of them for granted.

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