Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sheep, Wolves, Sheepdogs and Shepherds

The Sheepdog analogy is in Dave Grossman’s book On Combat - Page 180.

You can read the analogy and participate in the shepherd discussion HERE.

BLACKFIVE has a post on the topic HERE.

According to the Killology Research Group (KRG) web site- Lt. Colonel Grossman and KRG have formed a partnership with Bruce Siddle and PPCT. (PPCT consists of 50,000 use of force instructors, certified in 48 states and 18 nations) This new organization is known as the Warrior Science Group (WSG).

Hungarian sheepdog photo source: LiveScience Image Gallery

If you happen to be a heavy metal fan, a Christian and a sheepdog then I encourage you to listen to the song "Game On" by Disciple.  Read the lyrics and you will understand.  There is a YouTube video HERE where scenes from the movie "300" are combined with the song and a video HERE where the song is combined with military aviation footage.

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