Friday, October 23, 2009

The Global War on Free Speech- Newspeak

Yesterday, American Thinker ran an article entitled Welcome to the World of Newspeak by Janet Levy.  The article identifies five separate Orwellian legislative titles currently circulating in the halls of the U.S. legislature.  It’s nice work and worth the read.

However, this isn’t the first time that I have heard someone relate “newspeak” to the current administration. Michael Savage has discussed the Orwell/Obama newspeak analogy at length on his daily radio show.  And what did it get him?  Banned in Britain. 

There is no doubt that the Left is and will try anything to silence their critics. Just a few days ago, I was made aware of how Harry Reid is planning to launch a huge media attack campaign in order to “vaporize” his competition in the next election.  The left will stop at nothing until they have achieved a planned economy.  Look closely at everything the left is doing.  Most of their policies point squarely at Socialism and Communism.  These policies that cannot  stand on their own against the scrutiny of facts and logic. In order for the planned economy agenda to advance, the competition must be removed.  It must be vaporized.

Make no mistake- A global war on free speech has been launched by the left.

But here’s the bigger problem.  Michael Savage is banned in Britain for his speech and Rush, Hannity, Beck, Levin, Fox News and others refuse to cover the story or come to the aid of Michael Savage.  This is obviously a calculated position on their part- clearly the wrong calculation.  As a result, these media outlets have lost credibility and in my opinion, have lost the first major battle in the global war on free speech. 

A war has been launched and the opposition is confused and scattered.  The media reaction to the Savage Ban is proof.  Only a handfull of news outlets has covered the story and challenged the ban:  Breitbart, WND and the BBC.  Fox News did a short piece on the ban early-on, but has since dropped the story. 

Until there is a unified front, in full support of free speech, the only defense is the shield of the first amendment.  A strong shield indeed,… in our country.  However, this is now a GLOBAL war on free speech. Michael Savage explains this on his show and in his new book “Banned in Britain".  The book outlines the details of his ban and the true nature of the global war on free speech. 

It will be a great day when the talk show host with the third largest audience in the U.S. is removed from Britian’s banned list of murderers and terrorists.  However, I doubt that all the major news outlets will ever carry this story as they should have from the beginning. 

We need to pray that the defenders of freedom can unify and prevail over the forces of socialism, communism and the planned economy.  Free speech is the first front in this new war.

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