Saturday, March 13, 2010

Google now 99.9% certain to shutter China search engine

Source: Financial Times- Google to shut China search engine

Google has drawn up detailed plans for the closure of its Chinese search engine and is now “99.9 per cent” certain to go ahead as talks over censorship with the Chinese authorities have reached an apparent impasse...

So what's next? How about a couple predictions?

First- Expect a 30% to 50% drop in Google stock which is currently @ $580 per share. Get ready to load up on Google between $400 and $300 per share. This will happen within 6 months.

Second- Expect the Chinese government to do to Google exactly what they have done to the rest of world's businesses. They will copy Google's technology, adapt it and use it for themselves. They already have Google's source code. Expect Chinese search engine companies to adopt the Google source code as their own (aided of course by the benevolent Communist government). For years to come, these companies will be successful contributors to the Communist kleptocracy and will remain thinly veiled as capitalistic free enterprises. I suspect that this is happening right now, or has already happened, and has yet to make it into the Western news.  And, when it does make it into our news, the booming Chinese internet market will be heralded as an example of how to do business in the modern age.

Google has served its purpose in China.

UPDATE: Mar 23, 4:21 PM (ET)
MYWAY NEWS- China thwarts Google's detour around censorship
Google's attempted detour around China's Internet censorship rules was met with countermeasures Tuesday by the communist government... The chief concern is whether Google poisoned its business in one of the world's most promising Internet markets. One analyst critical of Google's move predicted the maneuver will cause the company's stock to fall by as much as $50 - or about 10 percent - in the coming weeks. The stock fell $8.50, or 1.5 percent, to $549 Tuesday.

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