Saturday, March 27, 2010

Korean Torpedo- Honest Mistake or Disinformation Campaign?

"North Korea 'torpedoes and sinks' South Korean navy ship with 104 sailors on board"

Yesterday, the Daily Mail headline read as listed above. Now it reads as listed below.

"Korea tensions over claims that warship was sunk by torpedo"

Now, the Daily Mail reports-
But South Korean officials played down the initial reports of military action, saying they had no evidence of North Korean forces in the area. They said the Cheonan could have fired its warning shots at a distant flock of birds which had produced an image on its radar. Senior government officials later told South Korean media the ship could have struck a rock or been hit by an explosion on board.
Or- They could have fired at a hostile submarine and received a bellyful of torpedo in return.

Daily Mail article linked: HERE  Related Reuters article linked: HERE

So, to recap the official South Korean story- the ship could have fired "at a distand flock of birds" and then "struck a rock" which set off an "explosion on board", which "caused a hole in the ship, which led to its sinking". However, at this time, we are not ready to rule out the possibility of Nessie or climate change as a cause of this apparent natural disaster.

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