Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ex-General claims Defense Secretary is "irresponsibly ignoring future threats"

Ex-General Charlie Dunlap
Ex-General Declares Total War on Defense Secretary - Read the entire article at Wired's Danger Room

Charlie Dunlap says of Robert Gates:

-he’s irresponsibly ignoring future threats like China
-he’s a hypocrite who goes yachting on the Potomac at taxpayer expense
-he gives dissenters the sack and executes a vendetta against the Air Force
-his CIA background easily bamboozles people
-he collected a huge $525,000 compensation package from taxpayer-supported Texas A & M University

Dunlap accuses Gates of “indulging near-term wants (and perceived needs) at the expense of long-term strategic interests”.
“Today’s thinking about defense spending is hobbled by the Pentagon’s inability to distinguish sufficiently between the serious challenge of irregular wars, and the need to deter truly existential threats posed by nation-states,” Dunlap accuses.
When thinking of  the U.S. military "indulging near-term wants at the expense of long-term interests"... It is natural to be reminded of -
The Unconsidered Enemy.

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