Friday, September 17, 2010

Hope n' Change - Tea for Tuesday

Hope n' Change commentary-

Following the recent round of primary elections, the mainstream news media is showing increasing signs of panic about the Tea Party movement.

On the CBS Evening News, a petulant Katie Couric declared that the success of Tea Party-friendly candidates showed that "American voters are in one angry mood," even though the network's own poll showed that twice as many voters were "dissatisfied but not angry."

Meanwhile, MSNBC's Chris Matthews has started comparing the Democrats' situation in Washington to that of the Titanic, saying "The boat is sinking. The establishment is sinking."

Matthews, who famously observed that the sound of Barack Obama's voice gave him "tingles," is now discovering that it also tingles when the oblivious captain and crew of your ship rams an iceberg at full speed, and you're plunged into freezing and unforgiving waters.

Might we suggest a nice hot cup of tea?

Caution - this tea is hot.  It's a long time to November and the establishment will not go down without a fight.

Paul Joseph Watson | Waiting for an October surprise: The system is cornered, desperate, and dangerous.
Steve Watson | Constitution Day rally deemed “too political” by Ohio Township trustees.
Kurt Nimmo | Soros and the foundation left have launched a website designed to go after the growing Tea Party movement.
Jason Charles | Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Fox News and the Republican Party have monopolized control over the Tea Party.

The establishment is pulling out all stops from both directions (the right and the left) to co-opt, discredit, dismantle and redirect the tea party movement. Be aware.

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