Thursday, October 7, 2010

Michael Savage's new book has arrived!

Yesterday, thanks to God and His fine people at UPS and, a pre-ordered copy of Dr. Michael Savage’s new book Trickle Up Poverty was delivered to the doorstep of my home in rural America. Excitedly, I tore into the box and the content of the work – Dr. Savage did not disappoint.

On pages 6 and 7, Dr. Savage accurately described the spirit of the Tea Party and pointed out an important fact - “This is a fight between radicalism and constitutionalism.”

On page 18, Dr. Savage outed Sarah Palin for her attempts to co-opt the Tea Party.  This unpopular reality is guaranteed to draw criticism from fellow conservatives.  But The Doctor, true to character, remains unafraid to call it like it is.

Who is Glen Beck? Who is Sarah Palin? What is really going on around here?

On page 57, Dr. Savage accurately described President Obama as a “neo-communist” following “a ‘tri-brid’ revolutionary plan: some Marxism, some Leninism, and some Trotskyism.

I couldn’t agree more. Face It- Our President Is A Communist - Duck Typing the President as a Communist

On page 101, Dr. Savage accurately described the SEIU as "Obama’s purple-shirted union storm troopers”.

I couldn’t agree more. SEIU Propaganda - You have to see this on their web site. It's surreal.

On pages 301 and 302, Dr. Savage commended “everyone who is a part of the Tea Party’s effort to hold Congress accountable with its 10-point ‘Contract From America’.”

On pages 303 through 309, Dr. Savage provided his own solutions in the form of a 37-point “Savage Manifesto”.  Most of the points require serious thought and action and will need to be reviewed in detail at a later date.  Number 10, however, (fire Janet Napolitano) was the most glaring exception which seemed to stand out as a no-brainer and tended to dilute the impact of the list. Perhaps for others it is meant to serve as comedy relief.

I can’t wait to get through the rest of the book and down into the bowels of the additional 637 points of reference which the doctor has so kindly provided as research notes at the end - Bravo Dr. Savage!

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