Saturday, October 2, 2010

Who is Glen Beck? Who is Sarah Palin? What is really going on around here?

Glen Beck and Sarah Palin are "controlled opposition" - they are funded to ensure that "the tea parties are under control".  Through massive amounts of money and the reach of the mainstream media these characters are built up as leaders of the conservative movement.  These types of people are chosen and built up because, at critical moments, they can easily be discredited and destroyed - and with them the voice of their co-opted followers - the real citizens of the conservative movement.

It is simple - Beck and Palin are well paid elements of the "global establishment".

They are funded for a dual purpose:

Purpose 1 - "To discredit and polarize the conservative movement" in order to alienate the citizens on the left. "To further convince the left that the right is insane."  A example of this tactic is played out in the recent Rolling Stone article Tea and Crackers.

Purpose 2 - "To lead conservatives and libertarians"... who are waking up to the threat of the emerging global dictatorship in order to use and direct us today and later stab us in the back.

Beck and Palin are funded so that the establishment can maintain control.

Alex Jones has been calling Beck out on this since at least 2009.

If you haven't done so yet - It is worth your time to learn the truth of our situation in America.

Watch - Fall of the Republic

Watch - The Obama Deception

Watch - What is America's True Form of Government?

Watch - America Freedom To Fascism

Watch - Breitbart Busts Barack For Busing Astroturf

Listen to Alex Jones's interviews of Joel Skousen 
August 31st 2010 - click HERE 
August 19th 2010 - click HERE


Anonymous said...

I have read your comments on the Final Phase Forum and then linked to your blog. I am surprised that you have seemed to have slid over to Alex Jones' viewpoint. The whole 9-11 was an inside job thing really bothers me about Alex and his infowars followers. I thought you were above that.

JN Kish said...

I DO NOT sign on to the 911 inside job garbage. However, just because Alex Jones has bought into it hook line and sinker does not mean he is COMPLETELY WRONG on other topics. I do believe he has it nearly COMPLETELY RIGHT on the subject of the true nature of the Anglo-American power structure (where the majority of the elected officials including the president are actually bought and paid for by the ruling oligarchy). Follow the money - he is right on this one and hardly anyone else is reporting on this reality. However, where Alex Jones misses the mark is in the way he fails to give proper weight to Sino-Soviet influences over world events. Personally, I believe that two competing forces (oligarchies) are at work - the Anglo-American and the Sino-Soviet - with both seeking world control. This world view is shared by Joel Skousen. That is why I recommend his World Affairs Brief and his interviews with Alex Jones. It is nearly impossible to get everything right through the thick fog of disinformation - but it is a mistake to throw out common sense (follow the money) with the bath water. The linked videos in this post deal almost completely with the description of the Anglo-American oligarchy and VERY LITTLE to do with the "911 truth" which, again, I DO NOT sign up to.