Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chinese Glass Factory Safety Review

Watch this video:

Kish Comments:

Sorry... In response to the comment from "afodis", this is NOT a safe place to work.

Key points:

1) Note the hot glass in close proximity to the two ladies in the pit. It would be too easy for one of the ladies to get blind-sided in the back of the head by a flaming-hot blob of glass.

2) Trip hazards are all over the floor and there appear to be no clear walkpaths... Think about one of the workers tripping and falling while carrying a hot blob of glass over your head (from the perspective of one of the ladies in the pit).

3) Lack of PPE (personal protective equipment): Safety glasses, hearing protection, face / head shields, heat resistant gloves and clothing.

4) Notice the lighting. If it weren't a bright sunny day when this video was taken, it would be very dark inside this building. Lack of lighting would increase the trip hazard risk. Do you think that they would shut down production if it were cloudy? I doubt it.

If this factory were inspected in the United States, it would be immediately shut down until the conditions above were remedied.

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