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Michael Savage interviews Jimmy of New York - 4/16/2010

Savage Nation audio clip linked HERE.  Clip outline, discussion links and transcript below.

0:00 - Savage discusses with caller Donald our President's new plan to outsource NASA operations and rely on Russia for space travel.

Discussion links- U.S. Government Space Plans: CBS News, redOrbit News,
The NASA budget cuts will help China beat U.S.

1:02 - Savage praises Jimmy of New York and asks him to call in with and update.

2:00 - Caller Daniel says he believes Obama is working against the interests of the United States. 

Daniel believes that Obama is going against U.S. army and forces that may stand up to him – Daniel says Obama is trying to neutralize intellectuals.

Savage:  (Obama is) not acting alone - powerful forces are behind him

Daniel:  People in this country do not understand because this has never happened here - and the press is unwilling to acknowledge or stand up to this new American threat

3:33 – Savage: What are the implications to our national security?  Reducing nuclear arsenal by 30%.  Who benefits?  Is privatizing NASA and giving Russia an advantage in our space shuttle program good for national defense?

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4:03 - Caller Cameron, praises Savage for crediting Jimmy from Brooklyn

Savage: "Jimmy was right.  I don’t care who says it.  Whoever is right is right.  Whoever is wrong is wrong".

Cameron:  The people pulling the strings are very powerful.  This didn't happen overnight.  This has been planned for a long time…  The work is done before the button is pushed.

7:48 - GE paid no U.S. income tax last year.  When international operations netted 10B profit.  Savage calls it “Obama incorporated”. 
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9:48 - Jimmy calls in and is interviewed by Savage.

Jimmy: “I’ve been studying for years”…  the communist press has been saying for years- they want to defund the American military - the way to do it - promote government jobs, job programs and government healthcare - that's going to cost so much, the only place to cut is the U.S. military budget and that's what is happening now.

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Jimmy: The same communist press talked about - they want to put the U.S. automobile industry out of business through high prices and high cost - they don't want it privately run - then when it goes out of business it will be government run and worker controlled and that's kind of been achieved now.

The enemy makes long-range plans and they stick to it - they have minor setbacks here and there just like if we defeat Obama in the next election...

Savage: So how can Obama get away with taking apart our nuclear arsenal and NASA in one week and there is no outcry across the land?

Jimmy: Because the KGB told us we won the cold war, and that put everybody to sleep to the Marxist revolution, and people just don't want to believe the horrible.  He seems like a nice man, he's got two of the sweetest looking children...

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Savage:  Jimmy stay on the line because I think this is going to become your moment on the Savage Nation...  Break

11:06 – The New York Times says 52% of Americans think Obama is moving the U.S. towards Socialism.

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The Reader’s Digest condensed version of The Road to Serfdom
Photo Credit:  Gage Skidmore

12:26 - Back to Jimmy

Savage:  So you have been alleging for years now... Since 2000, that Islamic terrorism was being run by the KGB- wasn't that you allegation?

Jimmy: Most of it- yes.  Most of it.  We know that Gulbuddin Hekmatyar one of the top terror leaders in Afghanistan now was a soviet agent and he got the bulk of the CIA aid during the soviet war.

Discussion links – Afghanistan, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the CIA and Soviet Agents
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It was Gulbaddin Hekmatyar who turned Kabul to rubble -- not the Soviets and not the Taliban. Gulbaddin Hekmatyar regularly rocketed his own capitol during his term of office as prime minister. Hekmatyar is renowned for having killed more Afghans than Soviets. He so habitually attacked his mujahiddin allies that many people suspected he was actually a Soviet agent.
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Jimmy:  Soviet press did an interview with the leader of the Communist party in Lebanon and they take credit for chasing the U.S. Marines out of Lebanon when we hear it was the Muslim terror bombing of the marine barracks.

Discussion links – Communists in Lebanon
…This IIA is Classified as Stated.  Leftist Lebanese factional leaders hope to use Moscow's Increased interest in Lebanon to bolster their own power. Host take their direction from Damascus, however, and will consult the Syrians about greater cooperation with the Soviets. Lebanese governmental leaders probably will carefully respond to Soviet overtures for fear Christian backlash, and because they understand that Soviet freedom of action and leverage are distinctly limited.…More Active Soviet Role  …Moscow's long-term objective may be the establishment of leftist, pro-Soviet regime In Lebanon
The Regan DoctrineReagan believed that it was necessary for the United States to combat the spread of Soviet-backed Marxist and leftist regimes throughout the globe.
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1983 Beirut barracks bombing: Wikipedia
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Jimmy:  It’s the Soviet hand in the Muslim glove.

The same way the communists penetrated Christianity- that's liberation theology.  Most people now know liberation theology.  Well the same way the communists penetrated the Christian religion, they penetrated Islam.  They find the most radical crazy strain and promote it against the West.

The goal is to bypass mutual assured destruction.   If Russia can't shoot us we can't shoot them. Therefore their weapons are neutralized.  But if they can put their weapons in other countries - well that’s mutually assured destruction too - well no, not if that country is run by a suicide bomber type. 

The soviets are outplaying us. They had a bad hand because their economy was weak so they faked the collapse.  They made capitalism then have to rebuild their economy.  And, if it doesn't work - capitalism is discredited.  

But at the same time, under the guise of collapse, they claim they are losing their nukes. They claim they are losing their nuclear scientists.  Well they are not losing them to Japan; they are losing them to the radical Muslim states.

It’s a trick- I said it before it happened.  It's obvious if you study it.

Savage:  Let's say you are a man ahead of your time…  Lets go down this road together. 

Russia has decided to help Iran, China has just decided to send (refined) oil to Iran - that means Israel is out and Iran is in.  Is that correct? 

Jimmy:  Right - and remember is was communists that helped topple the Shah.  It wasn't just the people in Iran who wanted the Shah out.  The soviets targeted him. And the Shah himself, when he was still in power, warned about the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) in Washington working to topple him.  That is an extremely powerful KGB front group. The (IPS) is dismantling us (The United States).  They influence our media, they influence our politicians. The House Progressive Caucus is like the political arm for the Institute for Policy Studies.  They have meetings they have connections.

Savage: Who is in the House Progressive Caucus? Barbara Lee of course. Who else?

Jimmy: Pelosi was one of the leaders…  Marxist congresswoman Maxine Waters wanted to nationalize our energy industry.

Discussion Links – Institute for Policy Studies
1977 profile on IPS by The Heritage Foundation (critical)
Note- the link above is broken. I'm looking for the 1977 profile. Contact me if you can find it.
DISCOVERTHENETWORKS.ORG - Institute For Policy Studies (IPS)

Savage:  Let's start at the crux of the entire world right now, which is Israel.  Whether people know it or not, Israel is at the crossroads of the future of the world.  That is both Biblically and politically true.  What's going to happen in the Middle East in your opinion?

Jimmy: America is always the ultimate target.  Israel looks like the target now but remember Israel, according to the radical Muslims, is the little Satan.  America is the big Satan. Just like the Soviets referred to America as enemy number one.  I've suggested some things that could happen.

The soviets or the Muslim terror groups could lure hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops there and then they could be slaughtered with weapons of mass destruction.  That didn't happen in Iraq but that's something still of potential.  America is the target- not Israel. 

Savage:  I know who the target is.  But what do you think will happen with regard to Israel?  Israel could defy all of the world order, could it not? 

Jimmy:  I think they have to.  I really think they have to.  Somebody has to stop Iran.  Iran has to be stopped - their nuclear program.  But its also if we stop it, we still have to know who is behind it and what the goals were.

Savage:  Why would Russia and China back Iran?  What do they gain by backing Iran? 

Jimmy:  Well they gain in the third world.  They look like they are helping the non-whites against the white capitalists.  They also look like they are helping the third world.  They have long-term connections, the communists. Russia and China are partners.  There has been no real split after Stalin died.  That split has healed.  They kept the illusion of a split so they can have a two-way war against us.  And we don't understand it.  And they are working with radical Islam, the same way they got into Christianity.

Savage:  Do you actually believe Obama is a secret plant?  Sort of a secret agent sleeper?  What do you actually think?

Jimmy:  Well its really not too secret but- at one time the communist movement was a party movement; everybody was somewhere connected to the party some how.  Today the movement is so huge; you don't have to be connected knowingly to any communist party member.  There are millions and millions of Marxists now because they were being brainwashed in schools unopposed.  Very few people, David Horowitz was trying to point it out.  A few people here and there, I mean, they have Marxist Scholars Conferences, Socialist World Scholars Conferences… These people meet, they strategize, they coordinate and they are all going in the same direction.

Savage:  So are you saying we are finished, are you saying they won and it’s over?  The chess game is over?

Jimmy:  We're not in checkmate yet but they are heading toward that.

Savage:  What do you mean we are not in checkmate yet?  The defense secretary William Gates just the other day said it is wonderful to cut the nukes by 30%.  Everywhere you turn, he's a rubber stamp for Obama.  He's never said one word that Obama hasn't agreed with.  Or, shall I put it the other way- whatever Obama does, Robert Gates checks and says yes.

Jimmy:  Well it looks like mass insanity.  But what the end result is going to be- we are going to have to rely on the United Nations for control...  And that's what some of these people behind the scenes are after- they want world government.  Now, I have only studied really the communist part of the movement but there are other parts of the movement for world government.  And if you take away the threat, the fear of the communist world movement, that means that those people then unite with the world socialists and the other globalists.

Savage:  Poll- 52% Obama moving America to socialism - that's astonishing Jimmy.

Jimmy:  Yeah but see some people don't mind it, in other words, its a bad thing to you and me and your listeners.  But other people - that's not a negative.  It’s like pointing out someone is a communist.  That no longer has the negative stigma it used to and should still have.

Did you see the New York post the other day?  Arthur Herman had an editorial. The Bear is Back.  He says anyone who imagined we won the cold war had better think again.

Savage:  So its almost as though the New York Times and CBS are boasting about it  - its almost as though they are trying to expose or out the whole socialist movement in the USA because they agree with it.

Jimmy:  That's right.  Remember The Times supported Stalin. They actually had a secret agreement with Stalin to not do any negative reporting on what's going on in the Soviet Union.  So they covered up.

Savage:  But wait a minute there is no difference between what the Times did with Stalin and what that Nobel prize winning putz Friedman, or if he ever won one, had the audacity three weeks ago to give a speech where he said our system is a cumbersome inefficient system in times of crisis… we should have a ruling elite which gives us guidelines on what we should do - don't you remember that?  I was shocked by this. 

Jimmy:  That is exactly what the communists say.  Ralph Peters the other day said we are playing checkers and our enemies are playing chess.

Savage:  I know, that’s an old one.  Ralph does very good work and I don't want to negate him in any way.  But let's go back to this again.  Look what I just said.  Look what just came up- the fact of the matter is The New York Times now has columnists who are glorifying Communist China and getting away with it as though this is perfectly normal to do. 

Jimmy:  They said Mao was an agrarian reformer, a Chinese George Washington.  They said the same thing about Castro they said that about Daniel Ortega.  The old grey lady is a slut and she has a lot of blood on her hands.

Savage:  On her skirts, yeah, let's leave it at that…  Jimmy, before you go, you said something earlier - Institute of Policy Studies- who is that who runs that?

Jimmy:  That was set up in the early mid sixties by a Russian communist who came to America.   He used to own Fabergé cosmetics.  He sold it and with that money they used to found it - Fabergé cosmetics is a fine company.  But I'm saying in the past.

It’s a known KGB front group.  The FBI had files on it they are so powerful they took the FBI to court and the FBI had to destroy their files on the IPS.

Savage:  Whose running it today?

Jimmy:  I'm not sure the names, if you want specific names of who’s actually in charge today.   But it used to be Cora Weiss, it used to be Samuel Rubin, The Rubin Foundation, there are a lot of new names now, its like a cancer.  It metastasizes; it has a lot of spin-offs.

Discussion Links – The IPS and the Rubin Foundation

Savage:  Why don't these people realize what happens when communism takes over, don't they understand what happens to them? 

Jimmy:  Well the leaders want that, the leaders want that because they think they will be in charge, but there's a lot of useful idiots there.

Savage:  But don't they understand they are not going to be in charge.  Usually they eat their own and usually they arrest and assassinate their own friends right off the bat because they are the only ones that could actually expose them for what they are? 

Take a look at what Castro did after he came to power with the people’s revolution.  He arrested and imprisoned several thousand of his own compares.  Some of whom are still rotting in prison.

Jimmy:  That's true.  Listen there's a great book that was written on the Institute for Policy Studies.  It was called Covert Cadre.  It has pictures of the KGB agents inside and has a diagram showing the spin-off groups.  They are immensely powerful and they work directly with terrorists and they don't even hide the facts.

Savage:  How are going to come back from this?  Its only 1-year and a few months into this Marxist regime. The capo of this regime is drunk with his power.  He knows no limits.  When is this man going to be stopped and how can he be stopped by a democratic process?  Can it still work?  Can a democratic process still rein this man in before we reach a tipping point, before it is too late to go back? 

Jimmy: We are going to need the Democrat Congressmen and Senators - even if they are leftists.  If they are not communist.  If they can be woken up to the communist threat.

Savage:  Isn't that what I just said two weeks ago?  That only the democrat party can stop this man.  When even they come to realize how dangerously out of control he is and where he is taking the country. Doesn't Biden know?  I don't think Biden knows anything I think he's actually kind of a nice dumb guy who doesn't know what's going on around him.

Jimmy:  I think you are right on that, but it’s going to take the people to wake up and they are going to have to understand.

Savage:  Who in the democrat party is not a Communist Marxist Leninist?  Who in the party is a centrist Democrat anymore?

Jimmy:  Probably some of the southern ones.  Probably some here and there.  I mean Mayor Koch was a liberal but was a loyal American.  There are some people like that who can't believe what happened or don't understand it.  But they are going to have to take back the Democrat party.  The American people are going to have to penetrate the American government.  The American people are going to have to penetrate the media, the school boards, the teachers unions.  We are going to have to take it back.  The tea party movement looks good but it has to become an anti-communist movement too.

Savage:  Before we go on to the tea party movement, what is going on right now is a classical communist operation where they penetrate a group and they send in agent provocateurs to say the n-word  or to commit some kind of violence and they discredit the organization or the movement itself.  That's exactly what they are doing right now but they are doing it nakedly.

Jimmy:  Its called discredit from within. It’s taught in communist party training schools.

Savage:  That's exactly right and that's exactly what the democrat party itself has become. It’s a communist front group onto itself…  End of interview.  Break.

26:20 – Obama the Space Cadet…  It as though we are watching a revolution occur in front of our eyes and only a few of us see it’s going on… 

Savage:  I'm telling you something is wrong here. 

27:40 - Savage goes on to cover the Arthur Herman editorial- The Bear is Back.

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