Monday, April 19, 2010

Obama the Space Cadet

By Michael Savage

We know Obama is destroying America’s health-care system. We know he’s destroying our military. And now he’s decided to destroy our space program as well. This week, Obama announced that he’s going to end NASA’s current space exploration program. He’s going to hand billions of dollars over to private companies. And he’s going to let them take over the work of building new space shuttles.

Obama says he thinks that private companies can build the current space shuttle's replacement quicker and more cheaply than NASA. But guess what? The soonest a privately built space shuttle can be ready is 2014. And what is Obama doing in the meantime to get astronauts and cargo into space? Buying a ticket on a Russian rocket. He’s buying six seats each year on Russia’s Soyuz spacecraft for however long as it takes these private companies to build a replacement.

And just who are these private companies? Lockheed Martin is one. Just this year they’ve given $800,000 in campaign contributions to democrats. Who else? Boeing, who’s now based in Chicago and has given $900,000 so far to democrats in 2010. And though Obama is increasing NASA’s budget by 6 billion dollars, most of that money will go to “seed commercial development.” In other words, it will go to pay off the same companies that just contributed to Obama’s friends. Give a million, get a billion. Not a bad investment for Boeing.

So Obama is destroying the space program that got us to the moon. And he’s making us dependent on Russia – the same nation we fought for decades in the space race – to get astronauts into space. And on top of it all, he’s using NASA to fund a massive payoff of his campaign contributors. Space cadet Obama may be about to blast off, but he’s leaving America down for the count.

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