Sunday, April 11, 2010

Polish Missile Shield and Tragic Regime Change

Do you remember the dispute over the Polish missile shield?

Reuters- Poland and U.S. move closer to missile shield deal

Reuters- Poland rejects U.S. missile shield offer

"We have not reached a satisfactory result on the issue of increasing the level of Polish security," Prime Minister Donald Tusk told a news conference after studying the latest U.S. proposal.

"We are ready to accept proposals or corrections from the American side which would include our proposal to increase (our) security." Tusk said.

Polish President Lech Kaczynski, a right-wing opponent of the Tusk government and a strong supporter of the shield plan, is now likely to step up his attacks on the government.

Russia has condemned the missile defense plan as a threat to its own security and has said it will target missiles at Poland and the Czech Republic -- its communist-era satellite states -- if the deployment goes ahead.

Political analysts said Tusk's rebuff to Washington demonstrated a new Polish self-confidence on the global stage. Warsaw is one of Washington's firmest allies in the region and has troops serving alongside its ally in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Washington Post- Obama Shifts Focus Of Missile Shield

The abrupt reversal of U.S. defense policy immediately brought plaudits from Russian officials, who had viewed the prospect of an American missile shield system on their country's western border as an affront. The shift raised the possibility of greater cooperation between the two powers on containing the Iranian threat and in negotiating an extension of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or START, which expires in early December.

Kish Collections- Polish Presidential Jet Crash - Unprecedented

Nothing this significant has ever happened to the leadership of a modern nation. The result of this event, accident or operation, is instant regime change- possibly, the most efficient and thorough in history.

More here- Wikipedia - US missile defense complex in Poland

All of this is coincidence of course.

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