Saturday, April 10, 2010

Polish Presidential Jet Crash - Unprecedented

Nothing this significant has ever happened to the leadership of a modern nation.

According to the flight manifest onboard were among others:

-President Lech Kaczynski (the President of Poland)
-Maria Kaczynska (the first lady)
-Ryszard Kaczorowski (the last President of the Polish government-in-exile)
-Jerzy Szmajdzinski (Deputy Speaker of the Sejm)
-WŁADYSŁAW STASIAK (Chief of the Office of the President of the Republic of Poland)
-Aleksander Szczyglo (head of the National Security Bureau)
-Paweł Wypych (Secretary of State in the Office of the President of the Republic of Poland)
-Mariusz Handzlik (Undersecretary of State in the Office of the President of the Republic of Poland)
-Andrzej Kremer (Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs)
-GEN. FRANCIS Gągor (Chief of the Polish Army General Staff)
-Andrzej PrzewoŸnik (Secretary-General of Council for the Protection of Monuments to Struggle and Martyrdom)
-Grzegorz Dolniak (member of the Sejm)
-Przemyslaw Gosiewski (member of the Sejm)
-Zbigniew Wassermann (member of the Sejm)
-Janusz Kochanowski (Polish Ombudsman)
-Slawomir Skrzypek (President of the National Bank of Poland)
-Janusz Kurtyka (Historian and president of the Institute of National Remembrance)
-Tadeusz Ploski (Bishop of the Military Ordinariate of the Polish Army)
-Izabela Jaruga-Nowacka (member of the Sejm)
-Jolanta Szymanek-Deresz (member of the Sejm)
-ALEKSANDRA Natallia-WORLD (member of the Sejm)

-Gen. Bronislaw Kwiatkowski (Commander Operations)
-Gen. Andrew Blasik (Air Force Commander in Chief)
-Gen. Tadeusz Buk (Commander of Land Forces)
-Gen. Wojciech Potasinski (Commander of Special Forces)
-Vice Admiral Andrzej Karweta (Commander in Chief of the Polish Navy)
-Gen. Casimir Gilarski (Commander, Training)

Final Phase discussion HERE

Polish News- complete list of passengers - Translated Here
Presidential Tu-154 flew the most important people in the country.

The result of this event, accident or operation, is instant regime change- possibly, the most efficient and thorough in history.

Reuters AlertNet- Acting president Bronislaw Komorowski plans "to announce the date of the presidential election within another 14 days and the elections must take place within 60 days of that announcement".

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Special note (4/10/2010): This morning, CNN was still discussing Tiger Woods and comparing the tea party movement to the KKK. CNN has covered the crash, but only sparsely. And, right now (1:03pm CST), they are hosting a round table on, of all things- defense spending reform (cuts).

Additional links-
Times Online- Polish president dies in plane crash after pilot ignored warning not to land

Kish Collections 4/11/2010: Polish Missile Shield and Tragic Regime Change

Added 4/12/2010: Once Upon a Time in the West - Belarusian transportation authorities deny Russian version of demise of Polish president's plane

American Thinker 4/12/2010: Unfortunate Coincidence
There is no denying that flying from Poland to Russia in a Russian-maintained airplane and then crashing into the woods where Soviet secret police murdered 22,000 Poles can be described only as an "unfortunate coincidence," especially after being warned that something you did "could not go unpunished."

Video Added 4/13/2010: Eyewitness to Polish Regime Change- There was practically no fog at the time of the crash.

Video Added 4/14/2010: This amateur video was taken immediately after the crash. It's about a minute long. Right after the train whistle you can hear four distinct gunshots and some laughter. Those who have seen this video believe there may have been some still alive in the wreckage. Did these Russian bastards execute them?

Added 4/22/2010: Poles deciphered video with international terrorists from FSB Russia killing crash survivors - article linked HERE

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