Friday, April 9, 2010


By Michael Savage

Obama is like a destructive child who takes apart a watch and then can’t put it back together again. He has taken apart the car industry, placing it under federal control. He is dismantling the best healthcare system in the world, replacing it with socialized medicine. And today, he started destroying our military by signing an insane nuclear treaty with Russia.

This treaty, the work of the mentally disordered left, will mean a 30% reduction in our nuclear arsenal and a steep reduction in our submarines and strategic bombers. That’s on top of the fact that Obama has already slashed the defense budget and stopped a comprehensive missile defense system. Now, in the name of diplomacy, Obama wants to destroy our nukes just when Iran and North Korea are building theirs. Obama claims this treaty will coax Iran into discontinuing its nuke program. That’s crazy. The Hitler of Iran wants these weapons to intimidate the United States and destroy Israel. This meaningless piece of paper will not stop him.

And what about Russia? Anyone who thinks they’ll keep their word is crazy. Russia has a history of renegging on nuke agreements. It’s impossible to verify how many they’ve destroyed, and they’ve already said that they can pull out of the agreement at any time. Furthermore, both Russia and China are in the process of modernizing their nukes. Most of Russia’s nuclear arsenal is aging and outdated. If we continued as we are, Russia would fade as a nuclear power. This agreement helps them! How much of our own arsenal is outdated? Obama isn’t saying.

Obama did say today that the spread of nuclear weapons to more states is an unacceptable risk to global security. And yet this insane treaty increases that risk. Obama also said today that while the treaty was a good first step forward, it’s the first in a long way forward. “It will set the stage for further cuts.” Further cuts. Obama doesn’t just want to reduce our arsenal. He wants to eliminate it completely. He is our destroyer-in-chief. And the one remaining chance to end his agenda of appeasement is the U.S. senate, which must ratify the treaty by a two-thirds majority. He could be stopped there, but where is the republican opposition? Each day, more and more, it’s as if a hostile foreign power has taken over the country.

Image By col adamson

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