Sunday, June 6, 2010

Michael Yon's message from Thailand

Michael Yon writes-
Today, the United States and allies continue to swat mosquitoes in Afghanistan.

Very important to do everything possible to avert war in Thailand. When I look at Thailand through the eye of an enemy of Thailand, I see an excellent battlefield that suits me, an enemy commander, not the government. Plenty of jungle and mountains for cover. Water, food, and other resources are plentiful and cannot be cut off. All borders are porous. Surrounded by countries with weak governments. Bountiful access to the sea. Most importantly, a wide swath of the population is susceptible to emotion-based messages and they have profound grievances. They can be organized in many ways.

As an enemy commander, very early in the fight I would strike the economy...

After such a war starts, the military is not in charge. They become just one of many actors. The United States has the most powerful military the world has ever witnessed, and yet Afghans -- nearly all of whom have never been in the military -- are slowly but surely winning that war.

It cannot be stated clearly enough: The Thai government still has great influence and power. Must use that influence and power to avert war, not fight it. If a war truly starts, many things that are true now will become history.
We should know that Michael's realities are not isolated to Thailand.

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