Thursday, June 24, 2010

So, why is the United States fighting in Afghanistan?

We are fighting in Afghanistan because it is the path most beneficial to our enemy.

For burden of proof, we need look no further than Iran.  The communists are known to be the primary suppliers of military arms and training to Iran.  The U.S. military is currently building up forces against Iran. U.S. hawks are beating the drum to attack.  Today’s scenario is history repeated.

Learn to be aware of the real enemy - The Global Communist - The Tzucom.

Do the Tzucoms want Iran to have a nuclear arsenal? – No. Are the Tzucoms happy to sell Iran items to build a nuclear arsenal? – Yes. Will they be the first to know when Iran is on the brink of creating a successful warhead actually capable of threatening their interests? – Absolutely. When the critical point is reached and military action is necessary, will China or Russia send their troops into Iran? No. - They will send ours.

Then we will ask- “Why is the United States fighting in Iran?”

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Ask yourself- Why aren't the Chinese helping us in Afghanistan?

I can assure you, that even as wild as this notion appears, it remains the most logical conclusion.

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