Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Soul and the Science

A poem by J.N. Kish, inspired by the story and music of Tony Cicoria as featured on the NOVA episode Musical Minds.

The soul is the spirit
Interconnected, Feeling
White whimsical
Streaking, Dancing
Uplifting, Fulfilling
Strength and belonging
So far from the pains of the body
Away from this world
Near and far, intertwined, Yet-
Beyond the trappings of the flesh
Impulsive, yet most serious in purpose
These beings, which inhabit
These beings, mysterious
These beings- Animators of bones
Drivers of awakening before the dawn
To rise and create
Oh, the pleasure to create
To convert, to channel
These energies from beyond
Into the hands of the flesh
A production of purpose
The pleasure to know, to explain
This process of creation
The spirit of production
But the science
Forever seeks and falls short
A continuous discounting
Alone, isolated, separated, Afraid
Of hidden energies, known far and wide
The soul, animus, life, The essence
Fear, ego, sin
It is that which drives science
In its failure to believe
In its failure to understand
Reality is seeing
The spirit is feeling
A being
Must open its mind to learn
To listen, to observe, to report
To discover, The truth
Of those compelled to speak from the heart

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