Thursday, November 25, 2010

Career Crippling Glenn Beck Scandal - Soon to Break?

Alex Jones claims to have inside information indicating an upcoming coordinated character attack on fellow conservative commentator Glenn Beck – time frame within the next two months.

Referring to his source as “a very high-powered reporter… as big as it gets”, Jones said – “there is going to be a huge group of information breaking and Glenn Beck already knows about it. He doesn’t know the full extent though”. Jones refuses to reveal the name of his source. However, previously on his radio show, he has referred to his contacts as high-ranking individuals within the Fox News organization.
“I have a lot of moles and feelers… Glenn Beck has big torpedoes coming his way.”
Anti-conspiracy activists have long-revered Alex Jones for his relentless coverage of big-picture conspiracy issues. Outside of this group, Jones is becoming notorious for his tendency ahead of the curve – reporting on significant issues months and years before the main stream media. Most of Jones’s topics are rarely covered by the MSM. When they are covered typically they appear as hit pieces - attempts to discredit Jones’s factual sources and/or character. As Beck increases his coverage of big-picture conspiracy issues, Jones is predicting a similar modus operandi will be used against Beck.
“It really shook me up what I learned is going on. I really feel sick. He’s really going to find out just how ruthless these people are. This could be totally manufactured – what they are about to do to him. It’s going to be crippling at the bare minimum.”
Jones did not reveal the nature of the rumored scandal – only the seriousness of the repercussions and motive for the coming attack.
“I don’t know if it is true or not. If it is true – the system knew he had problems from the beginning… Things that are even worst than we know – the drugs and the rest of it. And, so they built him up as the figurehead of this movement to then try and discredit it. I don’t think that’s going to work… I hope this stuff isn’t true… But he better get ready.”

Because he is now talking about real issues - issues like poison in the water, eugenics, real puppet masters (not just George Soros), David Rockefeller and how robber barons are not free market and want socialism - I think he realizes that his time may be limited.

I don’t think it should be about personal things that the messenger is involved in. It should be about the info. The system wants to change the debate and instead of making it about the message, they want it to be about the messenger.”
As Beck gets closer to the truth, there will be real attempts to silence him.

If Beck knows what’s coming, and he knows the truth – why not go for broke and expose as much as he can to his national audience? He’s done a great job exposing George Soros – but it appears, there are others still higher on the food chain. Total exposure of the actual world power structure is required for the patriot movement to have a lasting success.

Perhaps that is what Jones is trying to get Beck to do by discussing this now – to prod him to go for broke with his large audience - while he still can.

Audio of the discussion involving Beck is part of the Joel Skousen interview linked HERE.

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