Sunday, November 21, 2010

Michael Savage explains, but Rocky Balboa does it better.

Michael Savage does the best job possible to explain the true nature what we are facing - but Rocky Balboa has a better message.

The following YouTube video features Michael Savage explaining Pan Leninism - The global expansion of Leninism. It's guaranteed that 80% of the people who choose to watch this video will have no idea what Michael is saying. In my opinion, this is the greatest threat facing America - far too many people don't understand what we are up against. Communism can be an overly-difficult subject to understand, especially when attempting to tackle the intellectual nuances of Socialism, Trotskyism, Leninism, the Bourgeoisie, and the dictatorship of the proletariat. By the time everyone understands all of this for the sham it is - it's too late and the population is in chains. This is the beauty of the Perestroika Deception in it's evil glory. When Communism faked it's own death - America went to sleep. This slumber has allowed infiltrators to spread like metastatic cancer to infect every aspect of our greatest free society.

The message was much simpler when Rocky Balboa fought Ivan Drago in Rocky IV and the Wolverines took to the mountains in the original Red Dawn. The message was, is, and should always be this simple - Communism is oppression. Oppression is slavery. Communism, Socialism, oppression and slavery are evil bedfellows. America stands for freedom. Freedom is opposed to slavery. America (through the constitution and the rule of constitutional law) stands against evil.

Much has changed in America since the days of Rocky IV and Red Dawn. We've gone from Drago to Soetoro in one generation. Yet one thing remains the same - real Americans stand against communism, socialism, oppression and slavery. This is true no matter what the President is or what the President believes.

Doctor Michael Savage is a great historian, speaker, writer, patriot and teacher. We desperately need high level people like Michael to deal with the "intellectual elites" and their attempts to argue around the true nature of communist oppression through perpetual rebranding and repackaging. Yet, we who remain on the right side of the info-war must also remember to keep it simple. Rocky Balboa didn't need to explain Pan Leninism to convince the masses of the evil threat of Communism. All the fictional fighter had to do was witness, find his heart and step into the ring - and the real story played to the masses.

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