Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Moscow Building 5000 Bomb Shelters for Forced Relocation?

The U.K. Telegraph is reporting that Russia is planning "the biggest population relocation since Stalin" - an effort to concentrate the majority of Russia's 141 million-strong population into 20 Megacities... Analysts said the plan, "would roll back the Soviet idea of urbanising the entire country."

Wikipedia maintains a historical timeline of population transfer in the Soviet Union which indicates the last relocation occurred in 1951.

Moscow Building 5000 Bomb Shelters By 2012

According to the video report featured at Windows to Russia - "currently in Moscow there are only shelters to house approx. half the current population".   I speculate this is by design - with a shelter for half the population being the approximate formula. As central planners prepare for the upcoming relocation, logic would dictate an increase in the number of shelters in order to maintain the ratio of one shelter for every other person in the city.  Perhaps this is the reason for the 5000 new shelters in Moscow?

Photo source:  Wikimedia Commons

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Timmy said...

The biggest population relocation, Moscow, so hard to believe it.

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