Monday, January 17, 2011

Hu's Your Daddy?

The Wall Street Journal - Hu Highlights Need for U.S.-China Cooperation, Questions Dollar
Chinese President Hu Jintao... called the present U.S. dollar-dominated currency system a "product of the past" and highlighted moves to turn the yuan into a global currency.

Hu, who also heads China's ruling Communist Party, rarely interacts with the international media. The Wall Street Journal submitted a series of questions to China's Foreign Ministry for Mr. Hu to answer. The Washington Post also submitted questions. The Foreign Ministry supplied Mr. Hu's responses to seven questions—but did not address questions about imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, China's growing naval power and complaints about alleged Chinese cyberattacks, among others.

"All foreign companies registered in China are Chinese enterprises," Mr. Hu said

Is America really going to allow Hu Jintao (and those like him) to run the world? 

Every day, it seems, China (and communist / fascist dictatorships in general) grows wealthier while America grows weaker. 

With respect to America's foreign policy, it's hard to understand why so many people seem to lose sight of one simple fact -- Real wealth is based on real assets. Real wealth is not based on the quantity of "official paper" amassed. Real assets equal land, natural resources, industrial resources, distribution chain, technology resources, capable human resources, intelligence, available market and market control. 

Similarly, there is a second key fact of which many people seem blind -- Military might is a byproduct of real assets.

Historical example -- The American Civil War

Question - Why did the North win the Civil War?  ...  Answer -
Cannoneers by Rennett Stowe
A combination of a greater population to draw manpower from, combined with more industrial capacity to produce war materials, and the ability to blockade the Southern ports to reduce imports of all kinds. The Southern forces were never able to overcome their lack of supplies and materials, such as cannon and gunpowder. Bravery alone cannot carry the day.
The south never lost a battle because of lack of supplies. They used the surrounding land and farms for resources. (James Mckie 8th Grade Georgia History Student,  Fitzgerald, Georgia - Where the North and South met arm in arm.) But lead, gunpowder, rifles, and cannon don't grow on farms.
The South attacked at Gettysburg in an attempt to capture a SHOE factory.  The Fallacy of the Shoe Factory - There never was a shoe factory in Gettysburg. Or even in the area. There were no more shoes in Gettysburg than any other town in Pennsylvania. However, Confederate general Robert E. Lee badly needed shoes for his soldiers, and he went to Gettysburg because he had heard there was a supply of shoes there. They had a skirmish with Union troops which it escalated into the Battle of Gettysburg as forces from both sides joined the fight.

Ten Recent Headlines

Communist China stakes claim to S. Texas oil and gas

Hu adopts quasi-Maoist tactics

SHOCKING - American Weapons for China - President Obama Pushes for Sale of C-130s to China

Forbes Places Communist Leader On Top

China Purchases U.S. Based General Motors Factory

Quantitative Easing and World War
Why the U.S. has Launched a New Financial World War -- And How the the Rest of the World Will Fight Back - By MICHAEL HUDSON

The Chinese Military Buildup and The Art of War
UK Telegraph - China preparing for armed conflict 'in every direction'

Chinese Counterfeit Parts in the DOD Supply Chain

China Confirms Construction of Aircraft Carrier Warship - Fleet Expected By 2020
China reveals aircraft carrier plans -

NY's Empire State Building lit up red in honor of Communist China's 60th anniversary
NY's Empire State Building chided for honoring China

Chinese History - Mao's Evil Legacy

Reminder - Communist China was founded by Mao Zedong. Mao's policies and political purges from 1949 to 1976 are widely believed to have caused the deaths of between 40 to 70 million people.

Mao is Watching, Beijing
by Francisco Diez
Mao formed the Red Army, and his followers elected him chairman of the Chinese Soviet Republic, formed in 1931. Based on his study of great conquerors of earlier ages - with Sun Tzu as his primary model - Mao set as his first priority maintaining an army in the field. He saw revolutionary warfare against the stronger, established state as a protracted conflict with would take years to win. His Red Army would have to gain political support from the peasants and militarily control the countryside before approaching the population centers. Following the axioms of Sun Tzu, the Red Army attacked when strong and retreated when weak.

Mao implemented his strategy when Chiang moved his stronger army against the Red Army in four separate offensives. Each time, Mao retreated rather than become decisively engaged. Then, in 1934, Mao was surrounded by Chiang's forces, and only a bold breakout prevented the destruction of his army. For a year, the Red Army fought and retreated westward to Siikiang Province and then north to the Communist stronghold in remote Shensi. By the end of the six thousand-mile march, the co-called Long March, only twenty thousand of Mao's original one hundred thousand followers remained. The survivors, though, were experienced, hardened, and dedicated to Mao and the CCP. Moreover, along the march's route, Mao had left behind small "cells," or groups, of loyal comrades with whom he would later build political and military support.

Where do we go from here?

The writing is on the wall -- But what will it take to wake America to the growing threat? 

America must reverse the policies that have allowed, enabled, and encouraged China to amass real assets which WILL LEAD America into real war.

It is my belief that Americans (us free individuals) must build a popular media-driven resistance to this advancing threat -- before it is too late. So please, while we still have the free internet as our tool -- do your part. Spread the word. Build support -- not against the Chinese people -- but support against the communist / fascist dictatorships that brutally rule over the Chinese people and clearly now threaten to rule over us. 

I don't know about you, but - I have a daddy - and his name is not Hu.

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