Friday, December 17, 2010

Citizen Evicted From His Own 36 Acres Because He Has No City Electricity, Water or Sewage

Alexandria is a small town in Madison County Indiana (Northeast of Indianapolis) where apparently now it is illegal to live free on your own land.  Big brother at the county board says - plug in or pull out.  U.S. citizen landowner Dick Thompson was asked "Where are you going to go?".  He replied - "I have no idea".
Author: Mac Slavo

Think you can do whatever you want on your land, even if it doesn’t violate the rights of others?
Think again.
72 year old Dick Thompson likes the simple life. He has no city electricity, water or sewage, and now the county has evicted him from his own land, about 36 acres, because he refuses to acquire these necessary services. The county attorney says, “Thompson is breaking too many rules, laws and ordinances” :
Mr. Thompson just wants to be left alone. Karl Denninger weighs in with his thoughts:
I’m sure that on that 38 acres there are more deer and other wildlife that whizzes and craps a larger volume (by far) than one man.  There’s no public safety issue here - this is one man, on his own property, with no evidence that he’s polluting anything around him, who simply wants to be left alone - and who clearly isn’t interested in “improving” his land and thus paying ten times as much in property taxes and “mandatory” services.
That’s really the rub here, isn’t it?  The county wants to evict him not due to any sort of danger, but rather because he refuses to build a big fat McMansion on that land and then suck down the kilowatts and pay for every gallon of water twice - one to deliver it, again to cart it away even if he chooses to do things with the water that don’t require those gallons to be carted away.
Show me where this individual is actually harming the public’s safety and I’ll agree with the jackboot of government coming in to tell him how he has to live.
Good luck living simply, living free, and living without being bothered in the New America.
Author: Mac Slavo
Date: December 16th, 2010
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