Thursday, January 21, 2010

CIA Prepares for Impending War on Weather - China No Longer Pri-1 Concern

You must read this stunning article from The Washington Times

According to the article (page 2)-

"One new area that has been given a higher intelligence priority (over China) under the Obama administration is intelligence collection on climate change... The CIA recently announced that it had set up a center to study the impact of climate change."

If the facts as reported are true, there are only a few plausible reasons for this move:
  • Obama policymakers actually believe that climate change is a national security risk.
  • Obama policymakers are misappropriating CIA resources for political gain (cap and tax agenda).
  • Obama policymakers have simply caved in to direct pressure from the Chinese government.
  • Obama policymakers actually believe that appeasement is an effective tactic to defeat Communism.
  • Obama policymakers actually believe that Communism is not a threat to the United States.
  • Obama policymakers actually believe in "one world" government and implicitly trust the ChiComs.
Any combination of these reasons are circumstantial evidence that Obama policymakers have been directly or indirectly influenced by the TzuComs.  Keep in mind that this article comes only days after Google caught China trying to steal information on weapons systems from defense firms.

The Washington Times report adds that, only five months ago-

"a National Intelligence Strategy... report identified China as one of four main threats to U.S. interests, along with Russia, Iran and North Korea."

For the sake of America, I pray that this Washington Times article is false and only serving as political propaganda directed towards China- i.e., the U.S. feigning a shift in intellence focus.

I say this prayer because The Washington Times report also includes this quote from Admiral Robert Willard, the new commander of U.S. Pacific Command-

"China has exceeded most of our intelligence estimates of their military capability and capacity every year. They've grown at an unprecedented rate in those capabilities."

...and this quote from Rep. Peter Hoekstra of Michigan, the ranking Republican on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence -
"The current situation with China is that they are cheating on trade agreements, aggressively pursuing military capabilities and aggressively conducting cyber-attacks."

...and this statement from Michelle Van Cleave, former national counterintelligence executive-

"Chinese intelligence is going after us with a vengeance," she said, noting that the problem includes industrial espionage, technology diversion and stealing defense and other national security secrets, in addition to a global campaign of cyber-espionage.
If you are so inclined - say these prayers with me-

I pray that the Obama administration is working for the interests of America (not China).
I pray that the Obama administration believes in the U.S. Constitution and Freedom.
I pray that the Obama administration rejects Communism.
I pray that the Obama administration has not been infiltrated by the TzuComs.

Why do I say such prayers?  Simply because the reported actions of the Obama administration indicate the contrary.

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