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More Dangerous Than The Mob

The following comment was posted on American Thinker by: Paul Vincent Zecchino Jan 16, 05:38 AM
This comment is in response to the article- Did Communism Fake Its Own Death in 1991?  The book described as 'bizarre' is Anatoliy Golitsyn's - New Lies For Old. A 1984 book in which ex-KGB Major Anatoliy Golitsyn predicted the liberalization of the Soviet Bloc and claimed that it would be a strategic deception.
The book may seem 'bizarre' because the serial deceptions pimped off by communists are intentionally bizarre, baffling, misleading - and lethal. Any attempt to describe communists and what they do is invariably confusing, as that's what they do.

Mr. McNew's article nicely dovetails what many of us were taught forty and more years ago, that the communist rats would 'put us to sleep' with peace movements, declining morals, and drugs, drugs, drugs, among other niceties.

A family friend was an FBI agent during the early days of the Cold War. They eventually became one of Mr. Hoover's top assistants. I'll always remember decades ago hearing of our friend's early days as an agent when he worked the Manhattan waterfront. He'd be gone for days, his family never knew if he'd come home alive or in pieces.

The mob was much in the news then, so I assumed he was investigating them.

Nope. He was investigating the red garbage that infested New York City, the red sub-human garbage that would kill him quicker than they'd swat one of the many outhouse flies that flitted about their rat-hole basement communist cells where they printed up their moronic little 'newspapers' for the 'workers', smoked cigars, and wafted their B.O. at one another. The communist men were a sight to see as well.
It was quite an eye opener to learn one has a better chance of surviving investigations into the mob than with the communist vermin, as Mickey Spillane beautifully illustrated in his Cold War thriller, "One Lonely Night" - mandatory reading for anyone who truly wishes to plumb the depths of the evil rotten marxist mentality.

Twenty years ago, the very fine talk radio host Barry Farber hosted many guests who warned of 'predatory emulation', the old commie trick whereby they'd pretend to be dying victims, in effort to draw near their prey - and kill them.

Mr. Farber and his guests well understand the predatory looting nature of communism and the human garbage that pimps it.

Some of us who had the blessing of knowing the very brave men who fought against this beast in its early years look forward to our Creator's stomping it forever out of existence.
Paul Vincent Zecchino is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

With Mao hanging on the White House Christmas tree and open Marxists serving as Czars, I have to wonder, is anyone fighting the Communists anymore?  Is it too late? Have we already handed over the keys to the store? 

Google "TzuCom".  Read Friend or Foe.

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