Thursday, January 14, 2010

An Open Letter to Michael Savage Regarding Religion and Jesus Christ

January 14th , 2010
To: Michael Savage

From:  J.N. Kish

Subject:  Response to your commentary on Religion and Jesus Christ
(Savage Nation 1/13/10 audio linked HERE).


Allow me to begin by setting aside one point:  Pat Robertson's shallow comments regarding Haiti are embarrassing and harmful to Christianity. For that, Robertson will have to deal personally with God.  Robertson's comments are not the reason for which I write.

With God, very few things are “A” to “B” – direct cause and effect.  You are farsighted on so many issues but appear myopic when it comes to Christ.  Everything in life happens for a reason - the reason seldom is immediately apparent.  To follow your logic-  of course, kids are not born with Leukemia because of something they did themselves.   It's not necessarily that straightforward.

To explain, it is necessary to expose some of my testimony.  I promise to keep it brief and get right to the point.  I was raised by a Catholic Mother and a Vietnam Veteran Father.  As a child, we rarely went to Church.  Every time the subject came up, my father would say-
 “I’ve already spent my time in Hell- I don’t need to go to Church.”
As a result, I learned the hard way.  I was taught right from wrong but knew little of the Bible and nothing of Jesus Christ.  I grew up as a self-taught philosopher, evolutionist and atheist.  I knew little of my soul, but that I was a good person.  I thought of myself and people in general as not much more than highly evolved animals- basic Darwinism as taught in school.  In fact, only recently were I informed of the hard and fast Christian belief that you must receive Christ in order to be accepted into heaven.  The first time that I heard it, my reaction was the same as yours-
“That’s crazy, I can’t accept it”.
My life to date has been an evolution of the spiritual kind.  In my early 20’s I was lost, without purpose, occasionally harboring thoughts of suicide because I wasn’t living up to my potential- and I knew it.  Without God, I had a hard time dealing with things when they didn’t go my way.  While attending College, I got a break- I was selected for a part time job in my field of study.  The man who hired me was a devout Baptist. He later said that one reason he picked me out of the group was that my name appeared in the Bible- obvious discrimination. As I look back, it is interesting, how something as simple as a name can turn a life around.  That job led into a career and sparked my relationship with God.

For several years, I had been successful in my career.  I enjoyed basic happiness through this success, but I knew that I was missing something.  That’s when I experienced my second encounter with the Holy Spirit.  One day, out of frustration, I called out loud to my mother who had passed of cancer a few years prior.  I asked-
“Mom, why can’t I find a woman who is right for me?”
Literally, fifteen minutes later, I met my wife- the mother of my two girls.  There is much more to the story, but I promised that I would be brief.  The main point is that I no longer have any doubts in the existence of God.  Through experience, I have learned that an observant man with an open mind will see the signs.  Anyone who pays attention can learn to understand.

When my mother died of cancer, no one could understand why.  Why would God take such a wonderful person so early in life?  I hear it often in Church, a disbelief and awe that God would allow His Son to die upon the cross- such an agonizing death.  Well, I don’t know if you have ever seen anyone die from cancer.  But, I can tell you, witnessing what my mother went through appeared every bit as agonizing as I can imagine a crucifixion to be.

Jesus had a choice.  He didn’t have to die on that cross.  He did it for love.  God allowed it- for love.

In similar fashion, I believe that countless souls do the same for others- every single day.  Here is what I can guarantee- that if given the choice, my mom would have died for me.  As it turns out, the experiences in my life have caused me to believe that maybe she did just that.  Her death has led me to Jesus Christ.  I love her just the same, if not more, then if she were standing here- right beside me.  My love for Jesus Christ is now  the same.

Am I personally certain of this?  Yes. Could I prove it in court?  No.  Does this happen to all who die?  No.  God is mysterious - but very real.  Since I have given my soul to Jesus Christ- now, at times, I can feel his presence.  It is like a force from within which fills my lungs with breath and guides me with strength, conviction and courage.  It is a wonderful feeling - unlike any that I had ever experienced before pledging my soul to Him.

I pray that you will take this message and learn everything that you can about Jesus Christ.  It takes the wisest of men to know that no one man can know everything.  That level of knowledge is reserved for God.


J.N. Kish

P.S. -  Allow me to direct you to a poem for which the Holy Spirit recently placed on my heart.  This poem speaks of the mystery of God and the blessing of the Holy Spirit – or as some describe - Guardian Angels.  We are much more than empty vessels.  Our souls can and do exist beyond the grave.  Matter cannot be created nor destroyed. 

The poem is linked HERE. A related video can be viewed HERE.

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