Monday, January 18, 2010

Predatory Emulation

The following comment was posted on American Thinker by member: Ranger Joe (Jan 17, 03:02 PM)
This comment is in response to the article- Did Communism Fake Its Own Death in 1991?  The topic of the article is Anatoliy Golitsyn's - New Lies For Old. A 1984 book in which ex-KGB Major Anatoliy Golitsyn predicted the liberalization of the Soviet Bloc and claimed that it would be a strategic deception.
The Commie critter is hard to kill. Tough as a tick. The harmless worm eating Gopher Snake flattens out and hisses menacingly like a deadly Cobra when you harass one....then convincingly plays dead when that ruse doesn't work. If you pick it comes back to life and defecates all over your arm with a gruesome vengeance....then slithers back into it's safe burrow when you drop it....because your too paralyzed by disgust to chase it. The stink of their foul leavings is soap resistant and lingers for days. Not bad for a dumb ol' primitive snake. I'd mess my drawers too if a giant monster manhandled me. Instinct? You betcha! They are a threatened species because they're too often smashed dead with shovels by ignorant snake hating dopes....who don't realize there are no Asian Cobras native to NJ....but I digress (sorry for the ranger talk).

Communism is a phantom that morphs into something else when apparently mortally wounded. Run run run away and live to fight another day. Like any organic being it wants to live and will resort to cunning trickery to remain breathing. This is Social Darwinism at it's finest. Lay low my pretties until danger passes. A hungry hawk will sit patiently up in a tree knowing all full well the dumb curious rabbit will eventually re-emerge from it's hole because it feels safe. Another example of how dumb animals ain't. Evil genius Marx got that one right. Ask Nam combat vets how the merciless VC Red guerrillas fought them. Terror was their well as ours. Napalm worked wonders.

The USSR saw their economic collapse coming and re-wove the Red flag into red, white, and blue and toned down the scary 'We will bury you' rhetoric. They pulled a Carville/Begalla move and re-branded. Like rubes we bought the deception lock, stock, and barrel. Their over-arching master plan calls for such scams. The Green Movement is the perfect dodge for them to continue their methodical collapse of capitalism. They still command the high ground of cool fashion and hipness. The mush minds of rebellious affluent teenagers are the best target for their Big Lie injections. Belonging to a secret radical exclusive underground sub-culture still enthralls snotty rich kids and lures them in. Be outrageous....reject the old obsolete ways. They've done their research well. They own the social sciences because they invented them for just such a purpose. Lenin's anti-Hippocratic oath said...." all the harm you can....the worse the better."

Russia is a decadent Third World dictatorship with good image makers and spin doctors on staff. Putin's dirty dream of empire is the reconquista of the Warsaw Pact with muscle and missiles. Georgia was the dress rehearsal. He still hasn't dropped the other shoe. His cabal of billionaire gangsters are fat with petro-dollars and are building secret weapons in the basement. He wants to put George Bailey America in jail and turn the planet into grimy Putinville. They are the maleovent force behind the curtain and Manchurian Candidate Obama is their willing facilitator.
Ranger Joe has done well to describe predatory emulation as it exists in the human arena.
Google - TzuCom.  Read Friend or Foe.

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