Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hold your nose and vote for it???

I have heard two different U.S. Senators in the last two days say on the news that they don't like the Senate Bailout Bill. They say that it contains too much pork. They say that it contains spending and incentives for things that have nothing to do with the "pending economic collapse". Then, after explaining all the things that they don't like about the bill, they say... Well... Since it is for the good of the country, I'm going to have to "Hold my nose and vote for it". HOW RIDICULOUS!

First of all, where is the evidence of the "pending economic collapse"? Sure, the stock market has dropped. Sure, some of the major banks and government run entities have failed. What's next? Where is the proof of what lies ahead if government doesn't spend this 700 billion dollars?

This whole thing stinks! It reminds me of a used car sales tactic. BUY NOW! BUY NOW!

How many people have ever listened to someone say BUY NOW and did not regret the purchase six months later.

I say that it is about time that these poor business models have failed. That is business. The strong survive and the weak perish. It is natural selection. A perfect model of nature. Let it happen! Those who survive will be stronger for it in the end. Don't vote for this bill. Don't pull us all down just to prop up these failed business models for the next ten or twenty years. Don't commit this money just to postpone their ultimate failure. If they don't die out or change their core business practices they are doomed to fail again. There is no avoiding it.

How many times can our government expect to go to the well until it is all dried up?

This is all too simple.

If it smells, STAY AWAY FROM IT!
If you don't like it, VOTE NO!

This link contains more information on the bill:

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