Thursday, October 9, 2008

The economic collapse: Where it all started.

Dave Simons (From KMOX “Dollars and Sense”) has uncovered a gem from the archives. Here's a copy of Dave's email that was sent out earlier today:

Good morning “Dollars and Sense” listeners,

This is legitimate, I found it on the archives of the New York Times. Notice the date, around 9 years ago. Pay special attention to one particular expert who was warning of the eventual consequences. Too bad nobody paid attention.

New York Times Article - September 30, 1999

Let me say that I think it’s noble, in theory, to allow more people to have access to The American Dream. IN THEORY. In reality, it just doesn’t work. I’ll never forget walking into a lender’s office as a young married man, very naïve to what it would take to buy my first house. I was politely told to come back when I could muster a 20% down payment. Let’s hope we’re getting back to those days.


P.S. I’ll be sending an e-mail later today on my thoughts of the current status (meltdown?) of the financial markets, with some eye-opening tidbits that puts this bear market near the very top of the worst in history. So does that mean we can only go up from here? Stay tuned.

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