Monday, October 27, 2008

Matt Hughes - Biography & Testimony - Leads to William Booth Enlightenment and Commentary

Matt Hughes is the 9-time World Welterweight Champion of the UFC. With a record of 43-7, Matt has traveled the world and has become a household name amongst mixed martial arts fans. He has proven time and time again that ‘a country boy can survive.’ However, it hasn’t always been like that for Hughes. You see, Matt comes from humble beginnings…

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...Matt came across a picture inspired by William Booth called “Who Cares?” Fascinated by the picture, he asked others who they thought they were in the picture and maybe, more importantly, who they thought he was. In the picture, a platform of people are surrounded by a raging sea. While those on the platform remain safe, many are drowning in the tempest surrounding them. Matt came to the conclusion that if he were indeed in the picture, then he was amongst those drowning in the water...

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It is clear that Booth's vision accurately represents those who are drowning in sin. However, I don't fully agree with his assessment of disdain for all of those on the platform. I see many of those on the platform freely exercising their worldly gifts from God: Love, talent and work. I believe that if you are performing your God-given talent on this earth, then God is pleased. Rick Warren expresses similar beliefs in his book "A Purpose Driven Life". God doesn't call on everyone to save all of those in the water. It is up to those in the water to choose their salvation. Personally, you can lend a hand to one or lead by example for many but, personally, you cannot be expected save them all. Furthermore, if you find yourself thrashing in the water, as many of us are and have been, it is up to You to make the decision and make every effort to WORK for the salvation of Yourself and of those in Your Family.

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