Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jammed Sig Sauer P226 SCT

Here's a recap:
Pictures of my non-functioning Sig Sauer P226 SCT are below. Friday night, I was rapid-firing Hornady 9mm Luger Hollow Points for the first time when the gun jammed in the position shown below. I removed the magazine and was left to figure out what had happened. I tried and tried to figure out how to take it apart without the slide being able to move back far enough to turn the take down lever. Finally, I discovered the problem. The barrel is bulged out in the middle and won't let the slide retract all the way. I guess, after looking down the barrel, I should be thankful that the thing didn't blow up in my face. Initially, I was mad that the gun had jammed. I'm still mad that my $900 Sig isn't working and can't easily be fixed. It still isn't clear how the ammo fouled in the barrel. Earlier that day, I had shot 100 rounds of regular target rounds with no problems. I'm guessing that one of the rounds got stuck in the barrel and another round hit it and knocked it out. Somewhere along the way, the barrel was deformed, either by the first round or by the second round hitting the first round. I wonder if this has happened to anyone else? I sent an email to Sig customer support tonight for instructions to send the gun in for repairs. I hope that they can fix it with one of their special hammers.

Jammed slide - It won't go back far enough to turn the take down lever.

Jammed slide - view 2

Look at the round groove in the middle of the barrel.

Here's another view of the inside of the barrel

One more view of the barrel

This is the ammo that I was using: Hornady 9mm Luger Hollow Points

I'll keep posting as the repair process progresses.

Update 10/21/2008: It was a squib load.  More info HERE.

Update 11/12/2008: I received my repaired gun from Hornady. They took care of the repair at no charge. Although it did take several phone calls and emails to make this happen, at least they made good. All is well now.

Update 10/21/2009: It has been nearly a year since my Sig was repaired.  Since the repair, have fired well over a thousand rounds without a single problem.

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Jason Haynes said...

I know this is a long shot, since it has been several years since your last post, but the same thing has happend to me. I was firing some 9mm reloads (lead) with my sig p226 in the same manner (rapid sucession) when my slide jamed.

I could not get the slide back to it's normal position until I got it home when I knocked it back with a block of wood. Then I spent several hours that night trying to jimmmy the slide back to the unlock position. I could only get it within a 1/4". It might as well been a mile away.

I inspected the barrel after reading this post, and my barrel too has a bulge ring in it. It must have been a squib round.

The rounds I was shooting was a batch of 1000. It was around the last 100 or so, and they have been sitting for about 6 months since I last shot some. I may be tossing the rest.

Can you share any information you received as to how your gun was fixed, or share any information as to how you got it fixed. It would be greatly appreciated.

Jason Haynes