Friday, October 3, 2008

What could Michael Crichton, Rush Limbaugh, Charlton Heston and Religion possibly have to do with Global Warming?

Please set aside any predjudice that you may have. Just for one moment. And listen to the following intellectual argument questioning the premise that man is significant enough to either ruin or save this world's climate. This is an audio clip of Charlton Heston reading from Michael Crichton's book "Jurassic Park" for the Rush Limbaugh show.

Audio Clip - Charlton Heston reads Jurassic Park

Here is a further glimpse into Michael Crichton's view of the world:

Michael Crichton Speech: Complexity Theory and Environmental Management

Here, Rush Limbaugh makes a compelling argument that describes the anti global warming movement as a form of religion.

Audio Clip - Global warming is a form of religion.

Everyone can fully understand why humans need to control their own pollution. However, I do not believe that it is within the scope of man to determine and attempt to maintain an "ideal" temperature or climate for this Earth.

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